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Android App Support

The Warmshowers Android App is available in the Google Play Store


  • In version 1.5.0, when you're sending a message to a member, the "Send" button is underneath the keyboard, so you have to close the keyboard to send.


  • Unfortunately, it's not available for devices that do not have Google Play Services, so doesn't work on Amazon Fire devices, for example. This is because it uses the Google Maps API, which requires Google Play Services.
  • The app currently allows you to make initial contact with a member, but does not allow easy access to your messages - it's assumed you'll follow up by replying to the email message notifications. We do plan to support messaging in the app in the future.
  • You can't create or edit your account in the app.


  • The issue queue is on github and that's the very best place to report bugs, request features, or see what bugs have been reported. However, if you're not a github user, we'd love to have your bug report or feature request on the contact form.