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Warmshowers Board Member Biographies

Chris Russo

Chris was born and raised in CT, USA. After quitting his first job out of college as a web developer, Chris’s first bike tour in 2008 took he and a friend over 6,000 miles over four months from Key West, FL to Seattle, WA, and on down to San Diego, CA. Like most trips of that length, it was a life-changing experience. After returning from the trip, Chris felt an urge to reciprocate the goodwill he received from the Warmshowers community (among others) during his journey. When Randy put out a call with a request for volunteer website development, Chris answered. Since then, Chris has provided countless hours (though if one were counting, they would be many fewer than Randy’s) of website development services for Warmshowers, as well as playing tech-support to Randy while he takes his occasional extended vacation.

Ken Francis

Ken Francis is a psychotherapist in California. From his experiences cycling across the US in 1985 and 1986, Ken chose a profession in the helping field. He felt that the people he met along the way had made such an impact in his life that he wanted to pass along this good will.

Ken has 16 years experience working in the non-profit world at Straight Talk Clinic. In 1994, he cycled across the US for the third time, reconnecting with families he met on his previous trips. He also put together a slide show about “Spirit” that he presented the following year at local high schools through Straight Talk. Ken now works in a hospital setting, cycling to work 3 days a week (sometimes with his Warm Showers guests).

Ken joined Warm Showers in 2013. He volunteers as Registrar for the organization, and enjoys hosting riders when they pass by on the Pacific Coast route.

Ken belongs to several outdoor groups and enjoys kayaking, hiking, camping, and taking yearly bicycle tours. His Warm Showers guests have inspired him to start reaching further across the globe!