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Chinese visa in Hong Kong

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Chinese visa in Hong Kong

Hi Folks,

I am pretty desperate to get a 3 month or longer Chinese visa, probably in HK, but anywhere in SE Asia as well. I have a British passport. Somebody please tel me this is possible :-)


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Yes,this is possible,just do it .

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It changes daily. Last we

It changes daily. Last we heard was that you can only get one month if you apply out of your home country and can only renew to the length of the original visa up to a maximum combined total of 3 months - realistically, a total of two months.

Things might be more lenient in SE Asia, but in C Asia last year, this was definitely the case. HK is your best bet for more flexible and longer visas.

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I (French citizen) did my

I (French citizen) did my Chinese visa in Hong-Kong last week. As a non-HK resident, I've read (I forgot where though :( ) that you *have* to apply through an agency. For tourist, they could only give 30 days visas, eventually with double entries, but that was all. Once in China, you can extend your entry for 30 more days, but only once now. And I believe that you can't extend your first entry *without* loosing your second entry. So that gives you 3 months at most (2 entries + 1 extension), with a run to another country and an application for the extension every 30 days...

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Thank you for your replies

Thank you for your replies and info folks :-)

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