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Cruce de la Cordillera de los Andes por ruta 7 ARGENTINA - CHILE

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Cruce de la Cordillera de los Andes por ruta 7 ARGENTINA - CHILE

Hola como están?
Alguien puede darme información sobre la ruta 7 desde Mendoza (Argentina) hasta Santiago (chile)
Lo quiero hacer a fines de noviembre, pero se que es una ruta con varios camiones.
Alguien sabe del tema del viento en esos lugares o el clima en esa época?
Son 350 km hasta Santiago, pero 200 son en subida y los restantes en bajada, alguna recomendación?
Tengo pensando hacerlo en 4 días y un dia mas por las dudas por cualquier imprevisto o simplemente tomarlo con mas calma.


Hi how are you?
Can anyone give me information about Route 7 from Mendoza (Argentina) to Santiago (Chile)
I want to do at the end of November, but that is a route with several trucks.
Anyone know the theme Wind in those places or weather at that time?
It is 350 km to Santiago, but 200 are uphill and downhill remaining, any recommendations?
I have thinking to do it in 4 days and another day in case of any unforeseen or simply take it with more calm.

Thank you !!!

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Try searching the forums

Try searching the forums first:

November is a great time to go. The winds will be predominantly westerly on the Argentine side. I rode to Uspallata on the first day then Los Penitentes which is a ski resort but you should find at least one hostel open off-season, then I spent several days relaxing and hiking based in Puente del Inca before crossing and descending to Los Andes in Chile.

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thanks! I will read this

I will read this forum.

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best way to enter santiago de chile

Hello Fernando,

I did the same ride in 4 days on a loaded bike, so it is possible. I decided to take the pass in stead of the tunnel, highly recommended. Be careful leaving Mendoza. cyclists have been robbed on all exits of the city.

The road number 52 from Mendoza to Uspallata is great. It climbs to a pass just under 3000m near Termas Villavicencio.

I lived in Santiago for almost a year and always used my bicycle. The best way to enter Santiago is as follows:
Ride on the autopista from Los Andes towards Santiago. If it is too busy for you you can leave it in Colina. Make your way south on one of the parallel roads till Chicureo. In Chicureo you should leave the autopista if you are still on it, here you turn east and climb the hill Pie Andino. Later the road is called Camino Juan Pablo II. This way you enter La Dehesa, a very rich part of Santiago. From there it is all slightly downhill till the center of Santiago. With a good city map, a GPS or with Google Maps you can find smaller roads and avoid the main traffic. If you plan well and arrive on a Sunday morning, then you will find the city deserted till 10am. There are some bike paths as well, but I forgot on which roads they were. Maybe you can find it with google.


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thanks for your answer! i

thanks for your answer! i appreciate that.
I will write the way how I arrive to Santiago! good tip!

The wind is always against or are there tailwind? there is a time that you know that there are more headwinds than at other times?

(i'm sorry about my english, I'm using google translate in some sentances)

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Hello Fernando,

I have cycled the Cristo Redentor pass only three times, so I cannot tell you what the wind will be like for sure. But as I said, it is most likely to be a westerly. However, I never had a very strong wind those three times.
From Los Andes to Santiago it is usually south or north, but generally not very windy. Winds are usually stronger in the afternoon, so start early in the morning.


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thanks very much! I see some

thanks very much!

I see some road cycling in the world.

Good luck

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