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leaving april 15th oregon to alaska, taking the cassiar hwy. any advice for such a trip.

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leaving april 15th oregon to alaska, taking the cassiar hwy. any advice for such a trip.

hi i am bicycling to alaska starting april 15th. i have never toured before. i am doing this trip alone and i am planning on going alone. i realize that all of these things make it more and more dangerous, but i don't see myself changing my mind. i am nervous as hell, so if there is any advice that anyone can give me that would be amazing! i am taking only panniers on my bike. and hopefully keeping it to 35 to 40 pounds...

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to alaska

I've done much of that stretch, including the cassiar. I agree with Rfay's comments. Some remote areas, to be sure, but really beautiful.


Carry more food than you think you'll need, ie stock up when you have the chance. Sometimes places that you are planning on stocking up on are either closed or lacking in stock. That's especially in northern BC and Yukon. "towns" are often one-stop shops with little offerings. Even a couple packages of noodles to extend you for a day or two.

I'd add a really nice atlas as a recommended piece of equipment: "British Columbia Recreational Atlas"
like the "gazeteers" for US states, it's pretty good for back roads (not many north of the yellowhead highway) and also has hundreds of free camp site locations, which is really nice.

Also, and I think this is particularly important given your early start date, carry very warm clothes for your time off the bike. I can't tell you how glad I was that I had my down coat. allows for soaking in sunsets in comfort.

read some journals on Crazy Guy on a Bike website. also, the Hobobikers journal that Rfay linked to is excellent.

good luck.

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don't be afraid just enjoy

Yes take food,spagetti at least for a few days spare, oats are great breakfast 3 minutes oats mixed with dried fruit, just add hot water, wait a while, you have a good meal then. Take a bearspray, and a rope, and do the other bearprotecting things.
There can be a lot off muskitos,Bell II is a great place to hang out a few days, 10 dollars, with use of sauna and a huge recreation room included in the price. Yes its hilly,but so beautiful, We started Alaska now in Mexico still have very very good memories, ENJOY, take raingair, also protected gloves, pants, Karin and Marten

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thanks for the positive support.

that is all great info! thank you all so much for the support. as time has been nearing people have been kinda getting me down... haha, definitely a great boost in confidence! thanks you for the links.


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Take your time on the cassiar, do the day trips such as stewart/salmon glacier, telegraph creek, maybe lava fields park just north of terrace which can connect to/from the cassiar if you are more adventerous than I was.

if you have time the trip detour to prince rupert/queen charlotes is amazing.

There is a fair bit of greasy food on the cassiar that made me very happy, I pulled a bob trailer and ended up bringing too much food.

Beware of the weather, it can turn very fast from great to terrible. My rainsuit was strapped on top of my bag all day around iskut.

The bears were no problem for me, I was solo as well. I saw about one an hour from meziadin junction to terrace. they never cared much about me.

Bob quin lake is beautiful free camping. It is down from the work camp site to the lake.

have a great trip, next time I'd bring a friend.

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You'll be fine :)

It sounds like a great trip. I just wanted to drop you a link:

There is a lot of good info and advice at the crazy guy website and several stories from peoples tours in Alaska.

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