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route advice , iran, pakistan border to turkish border (30-40 days)

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route advice , iran, pakistan border to turkish border (30-40 days)

can anyone give me or link me a detailed route through iran from pak border to turkish border?


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Be strong

Hi dear where are you now if u are in iran by bike is hard because this season is coold by bus you can go to Tabriz and jolfa border and continue to turkey .of course some eraa is nor very coold.
Best time. REZA

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some ideas


i cycled in the other direction, but that is already 9 years ago.

My route was like this: northern border crossing , arriving in Tabriz on the 3rd day in Iran.
Then Miandoab, Bijar, Hamadan, Arak, Esfahan.
This route was ok for scenery, but much more important was meeting the Iranian people.
It took me about 15 days from the border in Turkey to Esfahan. With some big days (200km).

From there I took a bus: Yazd, Kerman, Bam, Zahedan
Also this route was not very beautiful from the bus, but the cities are interesting. I would have cycled the whole thing , but it was June and about 55 degrees Celsius in the shade. A friend of mine cycle the whole stretch at the same time. He was 3 nights in hospital because of dehydration, but continuing the next day.

A different, route, especially in winter, would be a more southern route, including the Kurdistan part of Iraq. Of course you have to keep updated with the news, but the west will not give up the oil rich Kurdistan I am sure. Central Iran gets very cold and snowy in winter, the south should be a lot warmer and lower elevation.


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Welcome to Iran I suggest

Welcome to Iran

I suggest that take a bus to Birjand ( supposing you enter Iran from Zahedan side). from there you can cycle to Yazd and other cities which are favorite for a lot of tourist in addition some less tourist crowded cities in the route . you will experience desert too. if you want to skip that part, you should take a bus to Yazd too. in this case you may ask for checking whether there is a straight bus to Yazd or not.
you can choose Kerman instead of Yazd, though I prefer Yazd.

with taking a bus for the first part of the route you will not miss anything because the route after Birjand is similar to skipped part.
but as mentioned in the other comments, it will be cold anyway. not as much as Tabriz or Hamadan but still cold. bus is available in most of the cities and you can change your mind whenever the weather become harsh on you.
The route through southern cities such as Bandar Abbas are completely warm ( compared to winter standards!) but that way you miss Shiraz, Esfehan and Yazd which are aim of a lot of tourists.

anyway, about your route, if you want some more details let me know. and describe the important matters which should be considered . I will give you a few suggestion.

by the way, sometimes ago a member told me about the available border crossing points to Pakistan . I couldn't find useful info to approve the info . would you please share your knowledge about the matter in the related topic. because there are not a lot of cyclist who tried the Iran-Pakistan route. most of them cross border in Iran- Turkmenistan gate.
please give your comment to the post #7 in the following topic:
(Getting Iranian visa in Trabzon, Turkey)

have a good ride

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