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Flying with a bike to Ushuaia?

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Flying with a bike to Ushuaia?

Anyone know if it is possible to fly with a bike to Ushuaia. Is shipping a better option?

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Mailing a postcard to

Mailing a postcard to Argentina is not a good idea - things do not work here like in other countries. I know people who have had to go in to the international mail office wait in line to have their mail arrival slip processed and then wait anywhere up to 5 or 6 hours for their number to be called just for the privilege of getting a birthday card from their mother overseas that was posted 6 months ago.

Don't whatever you do, ship your bike here - lots of pain, import duties, customs broking fees, storage fees and delays will ensue. If you go to Ushuaia expecting it to arrive there you will inevitably have to come back to BA in person to delegate authority to a customs broker and try and find a way through all the BS. This happened to some of my guests when the airline the flew in on (from the US) refused to take their bike - they managed to have the bike flown out the next day but had already continued on to Ushuaia. The bike didn't get any further than the customs depot in BA accummulating daily storage fees as they tried to get it released (I could do nothing as they had to appoint a licensed customs broker in person to work on their behalf). I have also received a number of messages from people touring in other parts of the country who ordered parts in but couldn't get them released from customs in BA without crossing the country to do it in person.

Shipping it to Chile and then crossing over might be a possibility otherwise fly with it or go by bus with it down to Ushuaia but make sure you enter Argentina with it in your possession (and if it's new, rub some mud on it).

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always post things to Chile

I highly agree with Paul.

During my 2 year trip of Argentina and Chile everything I send home from Argentina got lost, everything from Chile arrived. As the countries are so close to each other and it is so easy to cross, always use the Chilean post system.

If you really want to fly to Argentine, than fly to Buenos Aires and take a bus from there to Ushuaia. This way you will experience the vastness of Patagonia. If this bus ride is too long for your taste, you can have a break in Peninsula Valdez.


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Will I be able to take it on

Will I be able to take it on an airline all the way from the u.s to ushuaia (would be flying with LAN probably) or is it easier logistics if I bus with my bike from b.a? I would like to just get on the plane here in the u.s and travel the whole way by air, with the bike, to ushuaia if its possible.

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