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End2End UK

We are 5 Canadians planning to ride from John O'Groats to Land's End commencing mid-June 2015. Does anyone have, or know a friend who has, a van/truck and would like to earn some pocket money to take at least one of us plus 5 bikes on either of these 2 transit trips from/to Heathrow?

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From Heathrow into central

From Heathrow into central London, is that the sticking point?

From London you must book the train to Penzance for the bikes as well, and in advance of your travel, if that's where you are starting.

After that, follow the book, if you have the LEJOG book, of which there are at least a couple of well known and used ones.


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Hi guys, You might find this

Hi guys,

You might find this link useful.

This is the company that runs London (Paddington) to Penzance services. You can carry up to six bikes on any one train but book ahead. It might be easier to board at Reading where all trains stop.

Heathrow to Penzance is a good 5-6hour drive each way in good traffic. John O'Groats significantly longer. If you are only looking for a lift for one, how are the others getting there? If by train, book a bike space each, they are free and will make your overall journey cost cheaper.

There is also a sleeper service every night except Saturday. Without digging around their website more, I am unsure as to bike space on that train though.

Coming back, there is a sleeper from Inverness to London (Euston) but I have no idea on bikes spaces on these services. The sleeper is run by Scotrail, as are all services between Thurso/Wick and Inverness (and indeed probably all the way to Edinburgh). Daytime services from Edinburgh are run by East Coast so look them up.

Hope that is some use and in the meantime, hope that you find a man (or woman) with a van!!! If you take the south Devon route then feel free to look us up.


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Hi, did you get something

did you get something sorted?

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Hi Deep - yes, all sorted. There are 4 of us flying into Heathrow. We have rented a cube van, and a small storage (big Yellow Box) near Heathrow for storage of the bike boxes. 2 fly to Aberdeen and train to Inverness. 2 drive the van with all bikes and equipt. to Inverness where we drop off the van at Inverness Airport. Next morning we use the local bike shop service to take us and bikes to John O'Groats. Cycle the "wrong" way to Land's End and rent 2 cars from Penzance to get back to Heathrow.

Thanks - Dave and Maxine

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