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up France - Rhone..

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up France - Rhone..

I'm near Valence going north up the Rhone till around Dijon then across to Paris,
does anyone have advice as to good routes from north of Lyon?

I've not cycled much this trip so want to cover some ground,
but if anyone wants to meet/ride/host,
please sms to +44 7939 207119 .

je suis pre de Valence et crois a aller tout droit pars Lyon e puis paris - est ce que quelque un a des conseiulles pour un bonne route de pre de Dijon?
Et si vous voulez rencontre ou aller un peu ou meme auberge,
stp sms a +44 7939 207119


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canal + voie verte

In this area of france you will find canals with cycling side roads.

There are also "voies vertes" which are long distance cycling lines. There are map in tourists office.

Along canals and voie verte there are lots of fields to put a tent.

Tell me your mail i have a grenoble-lyon-dijon-paris map on pdf from a bike trip

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I had no email access since

I had no email access since Sunday but hanks very much.

Actually it was fine and easy till Beaune;
then a followed a non cycling friend's advice and ended up on a massive climb to somewhere very remote..

I'm in Paris now so following your profile I'll message you directly.

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Grenoble - Paris map!

Hi Arnaud, would you please share your map with me too please! I'm planning our trip for next year, so far from Paris to Normandy then through France to Avignon or Nice.

Trying to work out a good best route to get back to Paris and your map sounds like it might just be what I'm looking for! Would the winds be bad in July?

My email is [email protected] .



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