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Audubon Bridge to Lafayette, LA

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Audubon Bridge to Lafayette, LA

I'm planning a bike route from the Audubon Bridge to Lafayette, LA as part of a longer trip, the rest of which I've figured out already. I really don't want to take the massive Southern Tier detour which the ASA publishes, so I planned this:

1. Cross the Atchafalaya on US-190
2. Bike along LA-3174 to Spillway Rd or Bayou Gerimond Rd
3. Cross to Arnaudville on LA-686
4. Bike into Lafayatte on LA-31 and LA-354

I've driven across the 190 bridge over the Atchafalaya multiple times in a car, and it does have a repair lane, if I remember correctly, but everyone I've talked-to seems to hate it. Apart from being so close to all the traffic, is there a special reason for avoiding this particular bridge?

Also, I've driven Spillway Rd in a car before, and I know that both it and Bayou Germimond are gravel roads.

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My concern would not be with the actual Atchafalaya River bridge itself but the "spillway" bridge which is much longer at around 4 miles and does NOT have shoulder at all. Old US-190 might be accessible if you are willing to ride some gravel. However, Google streetview shows the old highway may be fenced off.

I wouldn't do it but then I rode along the coast instead instead of the ACA route so I could go to New Orleans and reconnected in Gulf Gulf Shores, AL.

Whatever you do, I hope you have a good ride!

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Thanks for the kind wishes,

Thanks for the kind wishes, John! I spoke with Perry Templeton (Jackson, LA), and she said the man who owns Old US 190 has put out the word that cyclists are allowed. It would be nice to have confirmation of that, though.

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I would guess you could get a

I would guess you could get a hold of the parish real estate assessors (tax) office and they would have the contact info of who owns and/or that parcel and you could contact that person.

Happy Trails!

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Great point John Nettles.

I too have ridden NOLA to Lafayette, but through St Martinsville. Not without it's hazards, but no 4 miles of no escape either. I would not ride 190.

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The siren song of US 190

Wow . . . US 190 is, yes, a straight line from Baton Rouge to Opalousas but, man, the bridges, the 10 miles of shoulder-wide rumble strips, and the 4-mile spill way all make for a very disturbing ride.

I've had many guests take it and they all hate it when they are done. That said, it is your ride and you do what you want.

I see you live near Baton Rouge and have driven 190 so you must be familiar with that route. I'm surprised you want to ride it on your bicycle.


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