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how to communicate with cyclists

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how to communicate with cyclists

I recently signed up to be a host. I immediately got two e-mails from two different cyclists and I was available and happy to be their host, but I could not communicate with them. I tried sending e-mails but that didn't seem to work after the first e-mail. Am I supposed to give them my phone number right after I first get an e-mail from them? Do they all carry I-pads or some device that enables them to send/receive e-mails? Do they all have cell phones?

Right now I am waiting to hear from a cyclist. I did send him my phone number and instructions on where we could meet. He is over due so I'm assuming he did not get my e-mail.

Phyllis Wells 3/25/2015

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If your offer hasn't been accepted, you're not on the hook

Hi Phyllis - Here's my opinion:

If you offer something and somebody doesn't tell you they've accepted it, the deal is not done and there's nothing to worry about. You shouldn't expect them or prepare for them to show up.


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they have something..

Hi Phyllis,

The fact that they immediately contacted you indicates that they have some means of communicating. They either stopped at a library and used a public computer, or contacted you from another host or private residence or they have a smart phone, laptop, tablet or something on their bike. Most bikers carry a cell phone, but not necessarily a smart phone. If they are relying on email, it could take a day or two for them to catch up, but if they missed their due date to meet you, then they either did not get your email, or (gasp) they are very rude.


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how to communicate with cyclists

Hello Ms Phyllis Wells,
Thank you for signing up and offering to host. That is very gracious!

This is my experience "from the bike saddle", so to speak.
Email during a long distance bike ride can be an iffy thing, especially if you're a retro-grouch like myself and do not carry a device with you. So public libraries are the recourse of choice. That said I am aware that I am in the minority, that many people do carry devices that support email access.

May I respectfully suggest you amend your self-description to include some statement where you clearly request replies to your offers for a Warm Shower. The more information you give me, the prospective guest, as to what your expectations are the better I am able to discern if I will be able to meet those expectations. You are offering me a free, dry, bed & shower(!) It is -my- responsibility to keep you happy, so you'll invite the next stinky bicyclist in, too.

And a word to folks travelling in Europe -- phone numbers need different prefixes depending on if you are originating your call from a land line or a cell phone. (This was my learning around keeping my host informed.)

all the best,
Gerhardt in Portland

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