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Cycling South from Kirkenes. A few questions.

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Cycling South from Kirkenes. A few questions.

Hey guys, Just over a month til we fly into Kirkenes in Norway to begin our big European trip. A couple of quick questions from any of you who may have cycled that way.

1. Will the airport shuttle have room for our boxed up bikes or will we need to assemble at the airport and ride in. This will influence which flight I book

2. Riding south into Finland toward Inari, we've read that the ground is very soft and wet and squishy for camping. Is this all over or are there spots where the ground will be more amenable for the tent. If not, any hints on keeping our tent upright (it has pegs), and getting a comfortable nights sleep without sinking onto a bog would be most welcome. On our Australian trip we had the opposite problem of rock hard ground bending our pegs.

3. We don't think water will be an issue in that part of the world. Does anyone foresee any issues if we only have three water bottles each? (In Aus we carried up to 12 L between us which was very HEAVY. Hoping not to have to repeat that) We'll carry one or more methods of purification (tablets and a steripen) so as long as we can get it, we can drink it.

4. Has anyone had experience with the Thursday market in Kirkenes? We were hoping to stock up on supplies but unsure if it is that type of market.

Cheers in advance for absolutely any info you can give us.

Happy trails

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Tents... you will find places

Tents... you will find places where to put your tent.

water. Three is enough. In northern Finland you can drink from crees and rivers and fountains. No purification needed.

If you approach my city, try contacting. I host you if possible.

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Thank you...@Rolf Moberg

Thanks Rolf, We really appreciate your advice. We are unsure if we will head to Oulu or straight down from Ivalo etc. But we'll be sure to look you up if we head in your direction. Our travels will be blogged on It's been neglected for almost a year as we have been stationary in Vietnam working but we are getting some new techonology that will hopefully make it more interesting than previously. Cheers and thanks once again.

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Update, I cannot provide you

Update, I cannot provide you more than a tent space in summer. We will have a big repair in our house. No warm shower for you, not for us :)

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Welcome to Pieksämäki , Finland

Hi, if you find yourself in Central Lakeland Region of Finland then welcome to our home in Pieksämäki. My wife and I cycled from Poland to Greece and Turkey 5 years ago through the old Eastern Bloc. Maybe we would have some info for you.
In Finland have you heard about ' Everymans Right ' It means you may camp in countryside almost anywhere you like while you are travelling, as long as it is not right next to someones back yard. You maybe also fish with a worm for free, pick the wild berries and mushrooms ( be careful ). The only ones who bother you will be the mosquitos ;-)
Good luck with your trip and let me know if I can help with any travel info.
We have just moved to 2 bedroom apt and live 2 minutes from lake beach. We have a 3 and half year old girl who is always happy to meet new travellers.

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Thanks so much

We've made it to Kirkenes and will start riding south tomorrow (saturday). Not sure if we'll be coming your way but thank you so much for your advice and your offer. We'll make sure to give you plenty of warning if we do come your way.

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Welcome and good luck. May

Welcome and good luck. May the wind be on your back and the air in your tyres. The cool Spring we have been having has finally started to get back and last few days have almost felt like Summer. Might even get up to 24c here next week. When it gets over 25c Finns start to complain and call it Hell. Watch out for the reindeers ;-)

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The adventure begins tomorrow

So far the hospitality here in Scandinavia has been nothing short of amazing. Our first experience of warmshowers has been wonderful. We will definitely be planning to return it in kind when we return to normal life.

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