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What to do with your bike while camping ?

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What to do with your bike while camping ?

I'am about to leave for my first bike trip and I was wondering, what you guys are doing with your bike at night time while doing wild camping ?

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what to do with bike at night

Julie and I carry a cable lock which we also use if we go for a hike while staying in a park. Any little deterrent is good. If you in a commercial campground I would say the chance of theft is highly unlikely, but even a very light cable lock would be a suitable deterrent if that is all you need a lock for. Let's see what others have to say.

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You can buy ground anchors

You can buy ground anchors that you screw into the ground to attach dog leads to. I bought 2. They are the type that cannot be plied open at the ring.

Screw them into the ground about a meter apart as far as they will go in. Lay your bike or bikes over the top. I have 2 wires about 2m long which I thread through the bikes and ground anchors until the wires are tight. I then use 2 locks to secure the wires.

You need 2 ground anchors and not just one. If you have just one a thief just picks your bike up and walks in a circle and the ground anchor comes out. You cannot do this with 2 anchors.

I really tried to 'Steal' my own bike but couldn't.

Sounds a bit complicated but the anchors and wires are very light and really work well.

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My current solution

My girlfriend and I presently crossing the US and are camping quite a bit. Now the likelihood of theft in one of the nearly vacant camps we go to is very low but I don't ever want to wake up without a bike. What we do is use a old style frame lock (the kind that consists and a lock a cable reel unit attached directly to the seat tube and runs flush inside the frame right below the top tube) which aren't common today as the were maybe 30-40 years ago. We use that to tether in all four wheels and pull the cable taut back into the reel (once locked the cable can't be extended further) and I carry a two foot kryptonite cable with serious shackle lock and that locks the bike frames together and if possible to a nearby object, i.e. Small tree, picnic table, post or whatever. In the end if someone wants our wheels they'll make a lot of fuss getting them and if they want the bikes they'll have to bring construction grade cutters or a grinder. Needless to say I'll be out of the tent swinging punches and hissing swears before these bikes go anywhere. Now as far as weight I are over killing it but I've been a victim of bike theft before and I'm not going to be one again.

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What to do with your bike when wild camping.

I would say if it is truly Wild Camping there would be few or no people around to take anything. People have always been the cause of the very few issues whenever I have travelled. An animal might be attracted to your food but it has no use for your bike. Just stay out of site of people and you will be fine 

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On campgrounds - even empty

On campgrounds - even empty ones - I would attach the bike to something immobile with a very good cable lock or a chain-lock. If you are a sound sleeper, there are alert-whistles with motion-sensors that will wake you.

In the wild I would still use some type of securing in any case - better safe than sorry!

You would find it amazing what people are stealing! Even a cheap, solderen-on faucet was stolen 2 times from a remote boating-house where I live. As long as it CAN be stolen, somebody will steal it eventually.