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China in june - where to go?

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China in june - where to go?

We're a french couple and have never been to China and have never travelled by bike anywhere yet... But one has to start somewhere!
We've got one month (maybe slightly more) to spend in China. We have no bikes and no itinerary defined yet. We have a friend to visit in Shanghai and a plane to catch from Beijing, so we're thinking about cycling from Shanghai to Beijing. Would you recommend it? Or is it industrial/polluted/not pretty?
Are there areas you recommend to cycle rather then Shangai / Pekin?
Thank you by advance for your answers.

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Cycling China

I love cycling China.

Never cycled that route but it has interested me as there are many historic/old towns on the way.
Relatively flat but populated.

No problem there as you'd always find a place to stay.

As for getting a bike there they usually travel with basic gear on Giants.

You may find some useful info on this.

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to be followed

Thank you Wendy.
I'll keep you posted if I go this way but the info collected so far are not very encouraging (see next comment).
What is Giants? Google wouldn't tell me.

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Giant, is a brand of bicycle.

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