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Bike stolen in Granada, help needed

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Bike stolen in Granada, help needed

Hi, me and my girlfriend have cycled from Barcelona to Granada and plan on heading to morocco. However my bike was stolen two days ago and we are having trouble finding a new one. If anyone has an old bike to sell please reply.

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Sorry to hear. As a spanish

Sorry to hear. As a spanish myself I feel ashamed.
As I live in the Philippines can't be of much help but to give you an idea.
You could post about your needs asking for advice and help in a very followed spanish cycle touring forum.
In case you don't know spanish I can help you with translation.
Hope all is going to work well for you.

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lets help

Hi Lyam Flynn,

it sounds sad and angry.

I'm not in Spain, I looked for WS members there and sent them a request with a link to this thread and a SMS, if I found any number.

Maybe You could ask for a shop of used bikes. I send You a SMS , too.

Good ride, Regards Sebastian

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mobile Nr

It would be good to write in Your WS profile Your country code with Your mobile Nr. Maybe British? Or Spanish?

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I am sorry about you bike. It

I am sorry about you bike. It is terrible. I really hate this things happens. If you have any pic so I can forward it to some shops, just in case they could be aware, just let me know. I also recomend you to go to the police.

I do not have a bike to sell for you, but I can tell you some second hand shops or call them for you if you need aditional help with languaje.

Good luck. I wish you the best

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second hand bike

Sorry to read that your bike was stolen in Granada !
We do not have any bike to sell but you can check on the website
Good luck, Pierre and Jordane

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