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London to Amsterdam

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London to Amsterdam

Hello everyone!

I am planning to do London to Amsterdam in August and I was wondering if any of you have done this route and has any advice or suggestions?

Thanks! :)

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Hi Karima, I'm actually doing

Hi Karima, I'm actually doing part of that trip in reverse next month, from Rotterdam to London. I'll be taking the ferry from Hook of Holland to Harwich and then cycling to London.

I've cycled around the area between Rotterdam and Amsterdam plenty of time to give you some pointers route-wise. How many days do you want to cycle for or where would you like to stop? And of course what do you like to see along the way.

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Hi Graham, Thats cool that

Hi Graham,

Thats cool that you are doing it in reverse!
If you need a place to stay when you get to London let me know.

I actually want to do the longer route through Belgium and France.
So for now I am thinking of crossing with the Eurotunnel and just taking the routes from there along the coast.

I have 8 days with the intention of spending a day or two in Bruges. Have you cycled in this region too?

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Cool. I'll send you a private

Cool. I'll send you a private message regarding London.

I'm originally from the border region of The Netherlands near Antwerp, Belgium and on occasion still go back. So Antwerp, Bruges but also Ghent are somewhat familiar. And I do know some nice routes. I can even provide some of my GPS routes.

Coastal routes are quite nice. I have some good routes from Knokke-Heist all the way up to Amsterdam. You are of course welcome to stay in Rotterdam if you decide to visit but you might be somewhat short on time to do that.

While you take this journey, are you also camping?

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The Knokke-Heist route might

The Knokke-Heist route might be very useful. Thanks for suggesting that.

I will be passing by Delft and stopping by my brother there. But thanks for offering to stay at your place in Rotterdam.

I am not camping throughout this journey. I am hoping to couch surf it. It worked out pretty well last year when I did London to Paris as you meet really cool people along the way :)

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So I created the first stage

So I created the first stage of the route. It takes some of the routes I have taken before. It starts above Bruges and goes to Knokke up to Cadzand and then to the ferry at Breskens --> Vlissingen (I added another ferry ride from Brielle to Maassluis). Ferries aren't expensive and it's a nice way to rest you legs for a few minutes.

Also note that the big dams that hold back the sea in The Netherlands generally have two sides to ride on with your bike. I routed the ones facing the sea but obviously you can mix that up yourself. Also take the wind into consideration as you might prefer not to be on the sea side if the wind blows from that direction.

Stage 1. Bruges to Maassluis (if you want to GPX file I can export it for you.)

This is the first part of the route. Depending on what you would like to do after you've done this part in 1 or 2 days, I'll update it. For instance would you go to your brother or first head up to Scheveningen after stage 1? I guess from Delft you will do Amsterdam in one day and also cycling along the coast?

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This is really great Graham!

This is really great Graham! Thanks a lot.
My plan was to do Bruges to Delft in two days. So I am going to stop somewhere halfway. For now I was thinking maybe stopping in 'Brugh-Haamsteade'.

Yes, Deflt to Amsterdam I plan to do in one day after I stop over in Delft for a night or two.
This part I am less worried about.

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No problem. I've updated the

No problem. I've updated the first stage which will take you to Delft trainstation via a nice route from the ferry between Brielle and Maassluis. Let me know if you still need the GPX file for a cyclecomputer.

There is also a very nice dune area between Den Haag (The Hague) and Katwijk aan Zee. I can make a second stage if you like. Or if you want to detour a bit let me know (which you should feel free to do anyway...the route is just a guide).

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Awesome Graham. Thanks for

Awesome Graham. Thanks for helping with the route! :)

I am able to download the GPX file from the strava link you shared.
But thanks for suggesting to send it.

Can't wait for the trip!

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