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See ALL request for a given location

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See ALL request for a given location

Instead guest send request to host, I wish I could post a request for , for instance Bellagio and just wait reply.

As a host, I am always willing to welcome cyclist, particularly those from far way, so I can type, "Geneva" and see all cyclist requesting host in Geneva.

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I would like to see this

I would like to see this feature implemented as well, Randy.

Why? Because even what you´re saying about CS is true, we obviously don´t feel the same amount of affinity with every person that "knocks at the door", however, some people are so nice, and/or are involved in such fantastic trips, that you´d almost PAY for them to be your guests and be able to talk to them for a while.

As such, if one of those individuals is coming to my city - individual who may or may not contact me, since there´s plenty of other theoretical hosts in my city - I´d like to be notified about it, thus having the opportunity to express MY own interest in them being my guests.

Win-win situation, the way I see it.


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Same as
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Multiple hosts with one message

I wish I could send one message to multiple hosts. All replies would be Reply All so the contacted hosts can easily see if plans have already been made.

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Somewhat confusing...

If I understand your proposition correctly, you'd like to send exactly the same meassage to all hosts in any given area & for all to know they've received the same message from you, then for all to know if someone has responded positively & you've found somewhere to stay, is that correct? Apart from probably being very complicated to set up, blanket mailing many different people could be considered by some members as spamming, even if it's obviously not malicious & for a valid reason; as far as I'm aware there's currently nothing to stop any member sending the same message to different recipients one at a time, but I would advise anyone doing this to at least have the courtesy to address each potential host by their username & not only by a blanket "Hello", "Hi" or whatever, but that's only my opinion...

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I'd like messages to be more

I'd like messages to be more like email where you can have multiple recipients. When recipients reply the reply is sent to all people in the message, just like a "Reply All" response to an email conversation.

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"Reply All"

Not a feature I've ever used but which I can see could be useful, but as I said, such a facility could be viewed by some members as spam or too impersonal &/or lacking a comitment by a guest to actually read potential hosts' profiles & to seek out those with similar interests as against just somewhere to stay! It's not my decision but I know which I'm more likely to respond to...

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I completely understand that

I completely understand that it is a less personal approach to host-guest communication. However, when I'm traveling, I really don't enjoy spending time searching and composing messages. The faster and fewer steps involved in organizing a stay the better (for me). I'd rather get to know someone over dinner and a walk anyways.

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A campsite free of charge...

It strikes me that what you're suggesting is for guests to have the convenience of a campsite (no need to spend time searching nor to compose messages & no obligation to "engage" with the "host"...) but free of charge, & to find out at a later stage whether they have anything in common with their host(s) other than cycling! If such an approach is or becomes widespread, it is or would be a complete waste of time for hosts to say anything about themselves other than what they have to offer to complete strangers who aren't too bothered who they stay with so long as it meets their requirements!

I'm sorry but this is not why I joined this site, & as indicated in my profile, "blanket" requests will receive a "cold shower" reply, as far as I'm concerned, staying in someone's home is a privilege, not a right! In all my years of cycle-touring I didn't have the option to organise somewhere to stay ahead of time other than booking in campsites, I was occasionally offered more than just somewhere to camp on some of my trips, & was very grateful for whatever "extra" I received from complete strangers who welcomed me into their homes, & with whom I sometime ended up staying with for more than one night, having discovered we liked each other's company! Thanks to the internet & sites like WS, finding such generous people need no longer be left to chance, is it really so much to ask that guests spend time searching (which in my books means reading hosts' profiles) & composing "individual" messages rather than the same one to all in an area regardless of affinities?

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