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For the second time, Warm Showers guests did not show up when we were expecting them -- we had a dinner prepared, and waiting, but luckily no other plans. This is annoying -- a quick phone call, email or text message would have been appreciated. If it happens again, we'll have to rethink our participation in this community, which would be unfortunate.

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What was the sequence of

What was the sequence of communication leading up to the no show? The reason I ask is I see many hosts on WS who assume that they have a confirmed guest after responding positively to a request (in fact the vast majority of negative references seem to be based on this misunderstanding). I don't lift a finger to make preparations until the guest confirms that they have accepted my offer (in fact they don't even receive my address until then), ie:
1. Member makes request
2. I respond offering dates/times of arrival etc... and ask for a confirmation
3. Member confirms.

If a member doesn't show up after point 2 then I assume their plans have changed or they wrote to multiple hosts and accepted someone else's offer - some get back to me to thank me for the offer and explain, others don't - this is a little rude or negligent but it's not behaviour warranting a negative reference and certainly is not a no show.

If a guest doesn't show up after point 3 then I consider that a no show, I would then write a follow up communication to make sure everything is OK, and if I don't receive a reply after a couple of weeks I'd write a neutral reference which would then become negative after a month or so with no explanation.

I coudn't find a reference to this in the FAQ - it seems to come up a lot on the forums, I think it would be a good idea to include it there.

For further discussion see:
*Guest Courtesy |
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*Guests asking different hosts in parallel |

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These were guests who

These were guests who confirmed they were coming. The second time I specifically asked the caller to let me know if there was a change in plans -- I understand that cyclists can be delayed by weather, mechanical issues, etc. But not to send any kind of notification is disrespectful.

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You are correct. Please leave

You are correct. Please leave feedback for this member and the previous no show (it would be great if you could leave feedback for all the people who stayed with you also) so that the next host that receives a request from them can at least make an informed decision. I would recommend a neutral reference explaining what happened (I assume you have already attempted to communicate since the no show) and if you receive no explanation after a period of time I see no problem with changing it to a negative reference.

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I understand You

Hi Mike,

it makes angry. I can understand You. Please write a feedback for these "guests" - and stay in our community. I would miss You.

Regards, Sebastian

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My first no-show

I've just gotten my first no-show after over a decade of hosting. I didn't really go out of my way for his arrival, but after he said he was possibly arriving between day X and day Y, I did not hear back from him after that period passed. I sent him a message a day later because I was a bit concerned since his chosen route was not a particularly good road (hilly, no shoulders and considerable truck traffic), simply asking, "Are you still coming?" I got no response, even though I am sure he got the message because his last log in was after I sent the message.

People have to realize it's just not the trouble that hosts go through to welcome a guest, but as part of a compassionate community we also have concerns for each other's safety. And although English might not be everyone's first language (as in this guy's case), politeness and consideration should be universal.

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From what you have written, I

From what you have written, I'm not clear that he had confirmed that he was staying with you. If not, I wouldn't call him a no-show. But, I would certainly be concerned about him and contact him as you did. Certainly by contacting him you will be letting him know that it is a good idea to stay in touch with the hosts that he has contacted.

I get that cyclists are tired and that plans change but if you have time to write to ask for a place to stay, you have time to write to say you don't need it after all. Some of this is basic good manners but it happens often enough that I wonder where the miscommunication is coming from.

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OK, maybe technically not a

OK, maybe technically not a no-show, but here's the actual account: He sends me a message asking accommodation for the 18th. I replied saying yes he could stay at my place. He writes back that he made a mistake, and would likely arrive on the 22nd or 23rd, and that he would let mw know when he was closer. On the 24th, I messaged him if he was still coming. No response. Like I said, I was worried because a few cyclists have been injured/killed on the particular stretch of highway, with no alternative routes because it is the only road from that direction. For my own piece of mind, I checked his profile and was relieved he had logged on to his account. I sent him this message: "I am assuming that you are not coming anymore. If a host has accepted your request you really should let them know if you no longer need it. I was worried something might have happened to you." Despite that, I still did not get a response. It was only from the reviews on his profile that I found out he had stayed with another member in the city.

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Not a confirmed stay but that

Not a confirmed stay but that's really bad form that he didn't get back to you especially after you personally messaged him expressing concern.

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Ahh, then of course you were

Ahh, then of course you were expecting him. Very poor manners and certainly the type of thing that I would give feedback on - at least to him and probably formally through the site too.

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Have the no shows been in

Have the no shows been in contact since they didnt turn up or have you contacted them? This is a story that we need to know the end to.

I wonder why they didnt call you?

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I would leave this person a neutral feedback stating that communication was weak Although not 100% confirmed, the change in dates alone stated that the person had an interest in staying with you. I would leave feedback to that effect.

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No shows, for the wrong reasons

I understand your frustration with no shows. I can image what images went though your head as the hours ticked on --the white ghost bikes of "Cars vs Bikes" stick in my head. But . . .

Here is my sadder story. On the Great Alleghany, I met a man cycling to California. I asked him if he were using Warm Showers. He responded that he could not as he was unable to gauge where he'd be on any given day. A good day with fine weather and no bike issues translated into lots of miles. He noted that most hosts ask for several days of advance warning and he did not feel comfortable imposing on people. [We have subsequently changed out profile to include 'last minute' arrivals. These have been our only visitors to date.] But I'm sorry for those riders that are the other kind of no-show --those too polite to ask.

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"He noted that most hosts ask

"He noted that most hosts ask for several days of advance warning" - that is not my experience at all of host profiles on WS and even for those that do ask for advance warning there are many that are more than understanding of the vagaries of cycle touring as they have been there themselves. I have little doubt that given good communication many hosts would be open to shifting arrival dates forward or back after an initial agreement to host (or even cancelling altogether). Of course by not even engaging with hosts on WS he will never find that out, that's his choice - perhaps he values mileage above being hosted and interacting with WS members - that's fine, but I'm not sure what I'm supposed to feel sad about.

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"as much notice as possible"

In the profile editing form it says: "All cyclists should give as much notice as possible."
I do not believe that is what most hosts want. I like two or three days notice, but it is also fine to ask me on their day of arrival. I might not be available.

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