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two or more on one profile

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two or more on one profile

This has been addressed on other parts of the forum, but I thought it would be worth bringing up here a couple of solutions.

1. When someone signs up for the first time, in BIG BOLD FONT stress the importance of each rider having their own account.
give reasons like giving feedback to individuals not to a group, future rides you may not have the same partner, your paths go different ways. ( two guys I hosted earlier this year did that when they hit the west coast , one north to Alaska
the other south to California. )
I just reviewed the FAQ section and there is no mention one way or another about 2 or more on a profile. The example
of for " what to put in my profile " is certainly written with a solo person in mind.
But since this is an ongoing issue maybe just tweaking the example to clearly state that each person should set up an account might help head off any issues from the get go.

2. create as easy ' link each other for this ride only' feature so that for potential hosts they can review each person without too much hassle. Also make it just as easy to ' unlink ' when the tour is over.

Just an engineer's thoughts on a perfect summer day that I am stuck at my desk job for another 55 min.

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Married couple or family

I wondered about this when creating our account, but assessing the context, I've listed us both in the name slot, so we are one hosting or guest unit. For the intent of this community, I don't think that should cause a problem. I am the more involved one in this unit and would be the one using the account alone if we were not using it together.

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I think 2 is a good idea, not

I think 2 is a good idea, not only to link members travelling together but also for members living together as mentioned here:

-Add Gender to profile info |

As for 1, well we are already about 60000 members late on that, I've certainly had a number of long time members make requests with oblique mentions of mysterious third parties - I do find this a little rude but understand that people are all caught up in their trip and don't give it much thought. Ultimately the responsibility will fall on the hosts, and many here have expressed that they don't think it's a big deal although I think considering only the safety aspect for oneself is a little short sighted. I look at it as more of an opportunity to get more people on board as WS members and understanding hospex in general - what's wrong with a little proselytising? - and I think if 2 was implemented I would feel a little more justified in requesting that all my guests have a profile.

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I got a request from a

I got a request from a cyclist who had created his account only some weeks ago. His profile was without picture, only few words. In my profile I have some guidelines what I ask people to tell me when making a request. He did not read or understood. I replied I cannot host. Later I googled for his name and found his couchsurfing profile where told he is travelling with his friend... why he didn't mention it?

The reason why I couldn't host was really another (very hurry work and my son's disease). But his poor request helped me making a decision.

For me it is not problem if somebody has two person in one profile. They have to only tell it. Of course couples (man and wife) is a good example when it is good.

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