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Crossing the Bangladesh-Myanmar border...

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Crossing the Bangladesh-Myanmar border...

Hello friends out there in the 'fields' around Bangladesh and Myanmar!
I was wondering if any one of you has any info about crossing the borders of Myanmar and Bangladesh.
I am planning to cross into Bangladesh from (near) Kolkata and go 'east' ...
I would like to continue east from Bangladesh... but... is it possible ti cross the border into Myanmar somewhere?
I would appreciate any info...

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as far as I know the border is already closed. Of course you can try to get a permit to cross the border but your chances are pretty bad.

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Thank you Peter for your

Thank you Peter for your input.

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Hi Kostas.As said above the

Hi Kostas.
As said above the border between Bangla Desh and Myanmar is since many years ago closed. No chance you can cross over there.
Your only option is to first enter India and cross over the India- Myanmar border at Moreh-Tamu.
You will need a special permit from the Myanmar authorities to do so but unlike motor vehicles no need for escort . I read already quite a few bike trip blogs of ciclysts and hitchhikers that did cross that boder recently.
Like this one:
or this try to google it.
Hope this helps you.

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Hi from Kostas!

Hola Paco!
Thank you very much for your well-informed info!
It is so pity that we can not cross into Myanmar from Bangladesh! All these 'limits' for well-intending cyclists...!! When is the planet going to become a... 'healthy-inhabitant-place' for ... 'real humans'???!!! Maybe never but...let's leave that for when we meet... !!!
I am heading towards Australia... so, it's possible that we may meet along the way... It may take me 'years' to get near your place but... one never knows!
By the way, i am wondering if there are boats connecting all those 'islands' "down there" around Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia etc...
And how about a boat to Australia? Is it possible these days? And onwards to New Zealand...
I know it's a long-long way to think about all these things now but... if you have any info... it will be my first info about these things...
Gracias Paco and ... May you have a wonder-full life where ever you happen to be...

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India to Thailand via Myanmar

As others said I haven't heard of anyone doing this, though it may be possible.

However, there have been some posts on the Lonely Planet Thorn Tree recently from cyclists who did India -> Myanmar -> Thailand.

So count this as a "what they said in the last few posts is hearsay-confirmed".

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Crossing the border of Bangladesh-Myanmar. Possible?

Thank you Walter for your input...
It will be interesting to see how things will unfold on their own accord at their own time... He...He...
Have a wonder-full life...

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