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Taking your bicycle in Russian train

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Taking your bicycle in Russian train

Hello fellow-cyclists,

On this page (in Russian) of Russian Railways ( there is some information about prices of taking bikes in the train in special wagon for luggage. I can understand the prices, I can understand the distances. That is not a problem.

My question is: how can I know in which train there is such special wagon for luggage? I travelled a lot by train in Russia, and have not seen such special wagon for luggage. But if Russian railways says there are such wagons, I believe them. But in which trains.

Is there anyone of you who is good in Russian and can help me with an answer to this question.

I think for many cyclists it would be interesting to know which trains transport bicycles.

Thanks for your help.

Juuk Slager

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Bicycle carraige on Russian trains

Suggest you review "Man in Seat 61" website.
Site has lots of great info on bicycle carraige world wide.on tra8ns.
Good luck.

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Luggage wagon is not a good

Luggage wagon is not a good idea.
You can transport bicycle in every train. Just pay for luggage, and place your bike on shelf. Take front wheel off and pack bike in light cover.
Lower class "platzkart" is better for bike trasportation, but not very comfortable.

More comfortable "coupe" wagon doesn't have much space for bike. But you can try, to put bike on a shelf taking both wheels off. In most cases it will fit.

Suburban trains - no problems at all

Same rules for Ukraine.

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Hi Juuk, you've got the wrong

Hi Juuk, you've got the wrong page :) it's rather kind of 'train post', than normal rules of dealing with hand luggage.

Sometimes there are special wagons for luggage, and you can pay for taking your bicycle in it, but that, I suppose would be more expensive.

In long distance trains (and they are the ones which might be problematic), in plackarta wagons (and I suppose that's how you'll be travelling) you can take your bicycle as a hand luggage. The rules are that it should be packed (taking the wheels, possibly pedals and handlebar, to make the package as small as possible) and covered and you should have additional ticket for 10 kg of luggage. Though many cashiers and conductors don't know the rules or are skipping them (sometimes they complained about taking the bicycle uncovered and sometimes not, sometimes didn't ask for the special luggage ticket, sometimes asked). This summer I rode this way on few trains and didn't have any problems.

Your bicycle and panniers should fit without problems in the space for your luggage which is available for you if you are on the upper bed; if not, you can ask for 'exchange' of luggage space or put it in some empty space. People in Russian trains are used to deal with a lot, lot of hand luggage.

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