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Bike box in Almaty?

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Bike box in Almaty?

Hi everyone, I'm in Almaty at the minute planning to fly to central/southern China to avoid the harsh bit of winter!

I've tried asking a few bike shops and they don't have any (and don't seem very helpful, except Elite Sports, some seemed annoyed!), has anybody had success here and can point me in the right direction?



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Build Your Own

I can't help you with locating a box but we just had the same problem in Tulcea, Romania after finishing our Danube trip. So, a very nice young man with a hatchback vehicle immediately went to a variety of stores and brought some large sturdy boxes. With a sharp knife, some ingenuity and 3 rolls of packing tape we built two boxes for our Surly bikes to take home to Canada. If the cardboard is thin or of poor quality, you can simply pad it on the inside with more cardboard. Folding it once or twice before shoving it along the sides of the bike in the box will even add a bit of a cushion effect.

Good luck

...Michelle and Patti

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Extremal shops

A bit late but for anyone else looking, I had luck last week at one of the 'Extremal' sports shops. Then first two didn't, but the third called around and helped me find one. Seems like it's quite difficult to find one in winter. Should be easier in the summer months.

Also found one in a general sports store near my hostel. Can't remember the name
Or exact location but very approximate coordinates are:

43.263972 76.944327

Extremal charged me a couple of dollars, the other charged nothing.

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