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Why people don't leave negative feedback

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Why people don't leave negative feedback

It seems to me that people are very loathe to leave negative feedback. If one reads people's profiles it would seem that most people on this forum are, if not saints, close to that. This seems unlikely! Particularly when one meets the variety of guests who are out there - some are better, some are worse, and some are certainly not like the impression one gets from reading the feedback on them. Similarly, the stories that some guests tell about their hosts doesn't match up with the feedback about the hosts.

Lack of leaving negative feedback is not specific to this site, it is a common problem for all similar web-recommendation systems. People don't like to be thought of themselves as negative and perceive that someone who leaves negative feedback may be a problem. So many people leave no feedback rather than negative feedback. Or at least put neutral feedback when they have had a poor experience. I am not expecting anything to change as this is all inherent in human nature. However, it certainly limits the utility of this type of feedback system.

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i got a negative feedback :)

i got a negative feedback :) if you want to look on my page. i didnt have battery to inform my host that i dont know his adress when i was hiking and then i got a bad feedback one day later.

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I agree


I see you have lots of positive feedback. But as a host, I would have left you a negative feedback as well. The hosts were waiting for you. They may have changed their plans or bought extra food in for you. It is like waitingbin for a delivery, that never arrives. It is very annoying. Not having power in your battery is a poor excuse. Use a phone box, borrow someone elses phone.

Maybe its a good idea to write your hosts details down in case this happens again.

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Why people don't leave negative feedback

I hosted in my appartment a lot of cyclists, maybe 200, mostly for at least a couple of nights, and I let them the keys. And I really don't regret it. I never had any trouble, always good relation, no noise, no smoking in the apart or other bad ways, no dirty, no robery, nothing. There are on their own to manage, they pay their food, and generally they offer me one dinner, well nearly angels.
I didn't have the same experience at all with Couch Surfing, and I quickly stop to receive guests from that site.
Well personnaly I am not waiting for nothing from the guests, no socialization, no sharing the meals or other rules, and I am used to manage with misunderstandings, as we don't get the same native language and rules. I just ask to respect the privaucy of each, and the neigbouring, being quiet, no smoking, and clean...

I got 2 very bad experiences from hosts, one robed me and used the number of my credit card, and the other asked me to spend all the time with him. I putted a negative comment for these.

Regards Pierre

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Why people don't leave negative feedback

I have hosted over 100 cyclists and have never had a bad experience. That is why I haven't left negative feedback.

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Host around 25 groups and

Host around 25 groups and never had a bad experience.

Have had one couple not turn up and no update, only down point.

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Feedback negative

I have hosted 74 bicyclist in the 5 seasons of participating in WS. I have never given negative or even neutral feedback for any of them simply because none of them deserved it. I have told many that every guests would be welcome in my home again. Some are more interesting and memorable than others , but none have given me a reason to warn hosts downstream to be leery of them. I think that is because people who set out to something as ambitious as pedal long distances are not lazy / unsavory people who would come into a home and do bad things. Instead they are appreciative of my hospitality, quick to tell of an experience and sure beat being home alone for an evening.
I would add that if I got the vibe that the guest is not a good one , I would not hesitate to share that on WS. But thankfully so far I have not had to do that.

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Negative feedback

We had a nice guy from Germany stay with us last week. Like us, he is also a member of Helpx. We were telling him of how many offers we get each week during the summer and how we wished we could do them all.

His story was totally different. He told us he had left a negative feedback for his first host and the host also came back with negative feedback and claimed the young guy had stolen from him. Fortunately, his next two hosts left him poitive feedback. But the negative feedback is still on his profile and he thinks, probably correctly, that what puts potential hosts off.

My view is that if you get into a position where you have to leave negative feedback about someone, you must accept that there is a good chance that you have not done your homework properly. Have you asked the right questions, have you read all the other reviews about the other person, most importantly, do you expect too much. If the other person has half a dozen glowing reviews and you leave negative feedback because the host wanted you out by 7 am (or some other trivial matter), it could well make you appear to be the type of person, hosts dont want in their house.

If it is a more serious matter, sexual, theft etc. My first port of call would be to the Administrator of the WS site and ask for advice before adding any feedback.

However, I do think that "No shows" without adquate warning is worthy of negative feedback. The host may have changed plans and bought extra food in for the guest and to cancel at the last minute, unless it is an emergency, is inexcusable.

If you leave negative feedback it will impact on your enjoyment of the site and so do your homework and ask the questions before committing yourselves.

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I think its a feature of all

I think its a feature of all 'feedback' based websites that there is a bias towards 'positive' - this applies as much to hyper commercial sites like TripAdvisor as to WS. People just don't want to be rude.

Like most of the people here, I've not had any serious negative problems so I haven't given any negative reviews. The only problems I've had are no-shows, which are annoying, but I've accepted that they may have had a good reason so I decided not to give a negative. I'd hate to leave a negative and find out that they had an accident, or a death in the family or something like that.

There have been a few people who I decided not to give a review to because I was a little uncertain - just individuals I didn't have a great vibe from, so couldn't really say positive things, but at the same time, they didn't do anything particularly wrong.

I think its also worth reading 'between the lines' of some positive comments. I had a woman stay with me for a few days once who was outgoing and entertaining, but also pretty eccentric and quite arrogant and selfish in other respects, she really annoyed my gf at the time. A very 'big' character in every way, and certainly not everyones cup of tea. Reading back her reviews with hindsight, plenty of people were hinting at this, with comments like "__ is quite a character!".

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One negative guest I had...

One guest arrived hours late... had nothing to eat on him & told me I had to feed him (I don't advertise that I'll feed guests) (tho I have done, when I've been home, and had food on hand)... I had little in the house, and the first few things I offered him, he didn't like or want; he ended up eating my last yogurt... was in my bathroom for nearly two hours (making no sound at all - I finally knocked & asked if he was ok!)... asked me to blow up his air mattress for him... he didn't talk much, conversation was hard going!... would not leave in the morning, even when I explained that I had to get to work... I didn't want to post a negative review, but also didn't want to post a positive review... ended up just saying he was "taciturn"... he contacted me and complained! I changed it to "quiet."

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From what you're describing

From what you're describing that should definitely have been a negative review. How else will others know what to expect from this guest? I shudder at the thought of inadvertently hosting this individual. It's one thing to overlook some personality issues (after all, who's to judge what's "normal") but when your profile is clear about expectations and a guest obviously disrespects that, then they should indeed receive negative or neutral feedback. For example, our profile says "no smokers". If someone then proceeded to disrespect that and smoke on our property, they would receive negative feedback. It's not a question of right or wrong but one of respecting someone else's home and property.


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Why people don't leave negative feedback

Agree wholeheartedly! I recently hosted a guest with glowing reviews. She was smart and interesting and able to make a reasonable first impression. On the third day however, I had to call police to have her removed from the property. Her behaviour became close to psychotic.
Having stayed first with my ex partner 500 km away, her offered to give her a lift to come visit me and drop her at a trail head nearby. She didn't pay him the gas money promised and then after being fed and chauffeured for several days, she thanked him with verbal abuse and breaking into his car. He chose not to leave her any feedback because he 'didnt want to put any energy into it's
I on the other hand reported her to admin on this website and to our local bike community web page. After much effort on my part, admin decided to remove her profile from this site. Her efforts to find hosts from our cycle community here were thwarted as several potential hosts chose not to risk taking her home.

I was thoroughly disappointed that my friend took such a passive response. We all need to consider each other's safety and well-being, otherwise why bother with feedback at all.

In the past I have been happy to host Pepe while home alone. I had two 6 ft men at home with me and they were both afraid of this woman. Unfortunately I will be less open hearted with the next warm showers guest even though my experiences so far have been positive.

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Possible solution

One solution would be anonymous rating after the 6th review. The reviews would still work as non-anonymous text but the positive/neutral/negative would be anonymous and would only show after the 6th review (so the host/guest would not know who left which). This is already done on Airbnb (anonymous rating) and it works.

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That is a great idea!

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They know where you live

Some people may not want to leave negative feedback because the "offender" knows exactly where you live. Just my two cents worth. Who wants to wake up some morning and find their car or truck keyed?

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... and find their car or truck keyed?

Up to now I never had the urge to leave any negative feedback, but fear, William, is a very bad advisor. 

If this kind of emotions determines our considerations about what kind of feedback is given, we can better stop hosting. True feedbacks are valuable signals for other hosts.


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Can a host suffer from 'revenge' negative feedback?

Can a host suffer from 'revenge' negative feedback?

I don't know, can anyone tell me/readers of this forum.

The only way you can pick a host that is likely to help is to look at the feedback or responsiveness.  

However if you have a visitor who needs negative or even neutral feedback, are you in fear of getting the negative feedback from that person. If you are this is a major reason why negative feedback is so rare, it's easier just to do nothing isn't it and that's to the detriment of the next host.

  Any thoughts?


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Revenge feedback

Neil, When looking at a cyclists profile I have seen negative or neutral feedback. When I see it I automatically go to the persons profile that provided it. I will then look at the feedback they received. On one occasion I saw what to me appeared to be revenge feedback. Looking further, what was going on was what appeared to be mostly a personality clash. in that situation I personally would dismiss the negative or neutral and go off of the other feedbacks they have received, but that is just me.


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Revenge feed back

Morning Neil..... yes one can get such a response. I hosted two guys who wouldn't read my "expectation note" so obviously promptly ran afoul of so many little avoidable issues.... though I tried to get them to understand the importance of knowing these things I was left to repeatedly ( read that as NAG or get bossy ) to keep things smooth. I have other people staying under other guises ( work exchange etc ) so not just me being impacted. Kitchen a bomb zone, trash at their accommodation site etc ) but they each left a nice message in the book and on their way. I put negative feedback/ read that as my perception of their stay on their profiles. They then hit back with vicious and nasty comments in retaliation. My only reason for posting was to alert future hosts of potential problems.... my trials with them were over.....thankfully the bad cyclists are rare.

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My husband and I recently

My husband and I recently felt a little disheartened at how a string of hostings had gone. Then we  went on a little trip and experienced being guests again. We realised it was us. We were not being clear in our expectations. None of it deserved bad or neutral review.

We did leave a neutral review for our first ever warmershowers experience and looking back I would now write it as a negative. Our decision at the time was simply that it was safe.

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Estoy de acuerdo contigo. Yo

Estoy de acuerdo contigo. Yo llevo poco en esta web y he solicitado cuatro veces ayuda y tres ni siquiera me han contestato así que les he puesto un comentario negativo porque si están disponibles deberían responder pues eso dice mucho del anfitrión.  No me creo que todo sea perfecto, de hecho desde que estoy en esta web, nadie me ha ayudado y tampoco nadie me ha pedido ayuda. No sé en otros países pero en España  la web no va muy bien. Saludos

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I also wish I could make

I also wish I could make anonymous feedback. Only had 1 bad experience. I was a guest and I felt insecure in a WS house, was being hosted by a man who lived "in another apartment" (I discovered that when we got to the flat). We met for dinner with some of his friends, a really nice guy, but when back in that flat he started asking for weird things like "put your pijama on and then I will leave" and also I had this strange feeling that maybe I would get abused. In the end he left, I could not sleep all night thinking he would appear again and next morning with daylight I flew away. Didn't put any negative comment because I didn't whant him to put a bad comment. I wish I could put negative ratings anonimously, and when someone receives a lot of negatives, the WS admins banned this people.

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negative feedback

Ive hosted once and been a guest once, so its early days in my WS experience. All positive so far. What i can say is that personaly i would not hesitate to give negative feedback if required. Think its a must for this site. Im sure the vast majority of experiences are positive anyway.