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Going to North Cape or Tour of Finnish Lakeland ?

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Going to North Cape or Tour of Finnish Lakeland ?

Welcome to Pieksämäki if you are on your way North for Midnight Sun or just generally touring in Central / Eastern Finland.
We are home and waiting to welcome genuine touring cyclists.
Ice melted on the lake last week and now having warm sunny beginning to May and 20c daytime highs. After last years awful 3 week Summer in Finland I have a good feeling about this one.
If you are here on a Saturday from 16.00 - 17.00 you can have your own private sauna.
Happy cycling,
Jim, Terhi and Isabel Fullwood.

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North Cape by bike possible?

Hey James,

I saw your post yesterday, then I check on google map but it was shown that it's impossible to ride a bike to North Cape. Maybe due to the tunnel? I'm planning to ride my bike there, (someday) it will be really nice if you can provide some information. Thanks in advance!


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North Cape Tunnel
read this blog, hope it answers your question,
yes, I beleive you can cycle through the tunnel

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I've ridden through it. Summer 2013. Cyclists regularly ride through the various tunnels in Norway. I've heard of a few that are signed prohibiting cyclists, but most are fine and drivers treat you as a vehicle and wait behind you if need be. The tunnel at Nordkapp is a bit of a rush .....quite a descent followed by a climb. All you need is decent blinking lights. Warning: it gets a bit cold as you speed downhill.

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Thanks for answering and how can I come back from there

Thanks for your reply Margo, you are fantastic! Later I've read also some blogs and so on, it seems quite a few people have been there on bike. And I also encountered the Eurovelo website(sorry I'm a newbee in bicycle touring...). It showed that alongside the E7 man can finally arrive Nordkapp. And now comes a new question: If I cycle there, how can I come back if I don't wanna return for that far road on my bike?(I live in Hamburg) I mean can I take a ship or airplane from somewhere nearby? Thanks!

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Ending a bike trip at Nordkapp

There are two ways that I know of to travel home to Hamburg (or wherever) with your bike. From the town of Honningsvag (about 30 km S of Nordkapp) you can take the Hurtigruten Ferry, or fly out on a local flight. There are probably buses as well, that would allow you to stow your bike underneath.

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Transport the bike by air

Hi Margo,

After reading some posts now I'm on my way to Nordkapp myself! I'm thinking about transporting the bike by plane back to Hamburg. Since I checked the flight has at least 3 changes, if I book the transportation, should I also make it 3 times separately or one time for all? Cos one change is only 25 minutes, I worry if the time is enough for the change.

Thank you.

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Welcome to Pieksämäki

Just had our craziest week ever on WS,
5 guests in 5 nights last week,
more than we normally get in a whole Summer,
but still really nice,
and great for our daughter to have chance to practice English with someone other than myself,
anyone else heading up North or in our area ?
We are home ;-)

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Reply to #7

Hi Chao,
I am at home in Vancouver, Canada. I'm not the best person to answer your question. You should ask the airlines!!!

We rode to Nordkapp from Hamburg via Baltic countries and Finland, then rode south through Norway to Bodo, then train to Oslo, boat to Denmark, then cycled to Paris. Five months.

Unless you leave from your front door and return there at the end of the bike trip, you ALWAYS have to transport your bike. This is "logistics" and it is the part of bike touring that is a real pain in the neck. There are many ways to deal with this. This page shows some of what we've learned:

You'll probably need to get your bike into a box for travelling by plane. Honningvag probably has a bike shop, and you can ask them for a big cardboard box that a new bike arrived in. Also, somebody who flew north with their bike may have left a big box at the airport. Here are some instructions for boxing a bike: If you find this too tricky, you can pay the bike shop to do it for you.

I don't think you'll have to leave your bike behind.
Have a wonderful ride!

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