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Bicycle Boxes in Ushuaia?

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Bicycle Boxes in Ushuaia?

Is there anybody going to start a cycling trip in Ushuaia, Argentina, in January?
We are a couple ending our trip there end of January 2015 and we would need two bicycle boxes to pack our bikes and fly home with. It is quite difficult to organise things like that here, so if anybody would fly to Ushuaia and could leave his or her boxes there for us, it would make things a lot easier for us...
Thanx a lot a muchos saludos

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Why not wrap the bikes in

Why not wrap the bikes in Clearfilm....?

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Clearfilm not enough

Hola Christian
Most of the airline companies nowadays take bicycles only when they are properly packed in boxes. And knowing how the stuff treats the luggage, I wouldn't dear to send my bicycle only packed in clearfilm... :-(
That is why I am trying to find some bicycle boxes we could still use for our flight back to Europe.

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Why not source them from a

Why not source them from a bike store when you get to Ushuaia?

Otherwise try this thread:

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Bike boxes difficult to get in Argentina

Of course getting the bike boxes in a bike store in Ushuaia was my first intention, too. But I've opened the thread due to bad experiences in Argentina: In Mendoza the bus company insisted on the bikes being packed in boxes - and we spent a full day looking for boxes in this city! We finally got what seemed to be last two proper boxes... And Mendoza is more than 10 times bigger than Ushuaia! And because many cyclists end their trip in Ushuaia, I am a bit worried just to appear there and hope for some boxes waiting for us...

But thank you for the link to the other thread - that might help...

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bike boxes in ushuaia

Hi Patrick,
did you finally find boxes in Ushuaia? I am having the qestion while planning my return next year...

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Bike shop selling boxes

Yes, we found bike boxes in Ushuaia. There is one bike shop there that sells them. I can't remember the name of the shop because it's been more than a year ago. But I am sure you'll find it. And when we were there, they had quite a lot of boxes, so it was no problem.
Have a good trip!

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