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Add other major cycling routes to map

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Add other major cycling routes to map

Let me say I think WarmShowers is an excellent organization and does well with the limited resources it has.

I was wondering how difficult it is to add other significant published bicycle routes, i.e. Europe's VeloRoutes, Canada's Route Verte, USA's Mississippi River Trail, various major rail trails, etc.

I am branching out into international touring more and would like to see where the hosts are in relation to the routes.


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By "decent" what do you mean?

By "decent" what do you mean? By that I mean, a viapoint every turn, every mile, etc.?

I have no problem creating some GPX files but since I am not the official owner/organization, do you want me to do it? For instance, the official Mississippi River Trail (MRT) is different that ACA's Great Rivers route. I could create a GPX file for the MRT but since I am not the owner, nor affiliated with it, I do not want to spend several days creating it and then have the organization say take it down.

Any suggestions?

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I understand. What about

I understand. What about permanent routes such as the Katy Trail, Great Allegheny Passage, C&O, John Wayne, and Cowboy Trail rail trails? It is highly unlikely those will move or reroute. Of course ones like the John Wayne are not completed yet so I can understand waiting.

I do not know of any such routes in Europe but I am sure they have permanent long (greater than 150 miles) routes so maybe someone from Europe can do those.


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From a British perspective I

From a British perspective I have already been looking into Sustrans support for this site, they are an established and very effective body here that promote safer cycling routes in the UK and provide excellent up-to-date maps. There has been a bit of discussion already about integrating other routes, I guess for my two cents these type of bundles are easier to integrate and keep updated.

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"superimpose" OWN route map onto the WS map

Elsewhere on this site, i have been trying to promote the idea that an individual could "superimpose" their OWN ( or ANY) route map onto the WS map : purpose being to see which ( if any !) Hosts are relevant to that route. You would then be able to DISCOUNT any Hosts too far from your line of travel. That would save Time, Effort and Frustration, for both Guest and Host.

So far, not a single member has thought this was an interesting idea. The WS FaceBook reception was slightly more positive.

Here is my example :

EDIT : FWIW, the route on that Google map is Google's choice of a " bicycle route" between those to places - which is good enough for me !

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