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Sri Lanka

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Sri Lanka

Anyone cycling in Sri Lanka next month, July 2016?

Anyone any tips or advice?

I plan on traveling North from Negombo to Jaffna and the South along the East coast before cutting across to Kandy.

Thanks folks


I've checked out the Crazy Guy blogs already.

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I toured in Sri Lanka 10 years ago

I toured in Sri Lanka 10 years ago. I loved the country, but the biking was sometimes frustrating. The road quality varied enormously. Some roads in the flatter parts of the country were good, but many roads going from Negombo to Kandy, and then south of Kandy, were in terrible condition. In the area north of Negombo, the bus drivers were homicidal. They would routinely overtake other vehicles and cyclists were expected to go off the road when they were passing coming in the other direction. This happened repeatedly in that part of the island but nowhere else. All the local cyclists bailed out. Of course, the alternative would have been getting killed.

Don't miss Sigiriya. It's one of the most amazing places I've ever visited. The tea plantations and mountains around Nuwara Eliya were pretty, and the cooler temperatures delightful. The roads were better there than in the mountains north of there toward Kandy. The descent from Ella gap down to the sea was wonderful.

I hired a car & driver in Nuwara Eliya for half a day to go see Horton Plains and Lands End at dawn. It wasn't too expensive and the national park was very nice.

I took a few trains, including one from Galle north along the coast to Colombo, then continuing northward. There is too much traffic between Galle and Colombo to make for pleasant cycling, IMO. You can also take a very pretty train ride from near Kandy up to the mountains, passing through all the tea plantations. A very pretty (but slow) train ride. It was easy to take a bike on the train, but there was a fair bit of paperwork involved.

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