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Croatia to Italy mid to late July

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Croatia to Italy mid to late July

Hi, I will be starting my trip from Rijeka, Croatia and will be cycling towards Turin, Italy. I am not sure of my exact dates. Any information about possible cycle routes or places to meet would be great. I would also be happy to get a message from anybody living along that route who would be willing to host. Thank you.

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opposite direction, same question

ill do exactly the other way, going to torino and then to croatia, but i dont have many informations yet..
i think between venezia and torino (at least 2/3 of the way) there should be a bikeroad... but i just read that. will see if it is there in a few weeks.

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Cycling in Northern Italy

Hello Judith and Paul,

We cycled part of what you're doing 3 years ago, going from Slovenia to Lago di Garda. We didn't follow a bike path for most of the way but rather bought a Michelin map of Northern Italy and picked smaller roads so as to avoid traffic. At the tourist info centers, we got some local maps and from time to time, there were some bike paths, we remember one in and out of Vicenza, and a beautiful one from Bergamo to Lago de Como, along the Adda river.

The one piece of advice we can give is beware of the heat, particularly in the Po Delta, it gets incredibly hot in summer - we would cycle in the mornings and then rest from 11-4/5pm and then keep going as it was unbearable at times.

Oh, and we by-passed Milan to avoid the big city traffic and havoc, going along Bergamo and the lakes instead which was fabulous. We also avoided cycling to Venice, by staying in Padua instead from where we took a train to Venice for the day. Our host in Padua was Filippo, a great guy ( And for the bit in Slovenia, if you make a little detour, you can stop by Skocjan and visit the UNESCO caves there, they are pretty amazing.

Here's a website that might help you :

Have fun,

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Thank you Chantal, I was

Thank you Chantal, I was planning on following the Po river but am now concerned that it will be very hot and also not very interesting countryside - thinking of staying a little further north - Verone, Bergamo even though it will add distance, hope it isn't very hilly! ........

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