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Bicycle Storage in Myanmar

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Bicycle Storage in Myanmar

Hi all!

My girlfriend and I are bicycling around the world! Tomorrow we are entering Myanmar on our way to India. However, come what may we'd like to be in Nepal in early March for the hiking season, sans bikes. So we need a host in Myanmar (or possibly in Manipur, India) willing to store our bikes and a couple duffels in a safe, sheltered, non-wet environment. We'd be incredibly grateful and would love to cook said host a yummy dinner. We would also be happy to discuss a favor/work exchange, if there is anything we could provide. Any suggestions for such a kind individual?

Thanks for any thoughts, warm showers community!
Guy and Kamilla

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Bike storage Myanmar

Try Jeff at this place in Yangon. There are bike shops in Mandalay, further north no idea. Good luck.

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