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Host Return Contact Rates

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Host Return Contact Rates

Not sure if the WS purge has ended as yet. To set the record straight, I plan way ahead in attaining hosts for my next tours. This year I began in January, organizing a 70 day trip. When selecting a hospitality organization, I always chose Warmshowers first, Couchsurfing second, and then Others (Bike Shops, Fire Departments, Chambers of Commerce, etc).

Today I got it in my head to add up what I have accomplished so far. An unscientific research model to tell me what was going on. After weeks of waiting, It seemed like I was not getting a good response rate, meaning the ratio of any return contact at all.

I give lots of bio info in my request letter and my positive feedback is at around 40.

Org Letters Sent Number of Responses Ratio

Warmshowers 80 45 56%

Couchsurfing 51 19 37%

Others 11 2 18%

Total 142 66 46%

All that is needed is a simple YES or CAN'T DO IT or MAYBE. If this is after the purge, why are so many just blowing off their requests? I don't get it at all. Aren't we talking about basic manners here?

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Response Rates

Sorry. I tried to organize the data in columns but this page doesn't support that.

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"If this is after the purge,

"If this is after the purge, why are so many just blowing off their requests?"

Hi Jack, we've had a purge every year (except 2016) for about 8 or 9 years - it has never fixed the problem. When you are letting in >100 new members a day, and the default status at sign up is 'Available to host', and as on any hospex site the vast majority of people aren't signing up to host, a yearly purge is nothing but a band aid.

Having said that - a 56% response rate, that strikes me as surprisingly good for WS, I assume you must've screened potential hosts pretty thoroughly before contacting them. As for why they are blowing off requests, do you have any reason to assume they have even read them?

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When going back to a host's page 4 days after sending them a request and it lets you know that the host checked in 4 days ago, it's a pretty good bet they have received the message.

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The purge is actually still in process. The website was not designed for 100,000+ members, so think of it like a small car trying to pull a 5th wheel trailer behind it. We have made some progress, but even when finished, it won't fix the problem.

With the new website, we may have a feature where members with a low response rate will automatically be set to unavailable, and receive a notification explaining this. Respond rate and feedback rates are lower than they should be, and the new web platform will be designed to address this issues.

Hang in there! And remember, Warm Showers was not set up to "be" a tour of guarantied free lodging, but rather offer some options.

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OK, that's a pretty good

OK, that's a pretty good reason to believe they at least know about your requests, assuming their references show a recent history of hosting I don't really have any idea why the wouldn't get back to you. Actually, now that I look at the stats, the site wide response rate for 2017 is 56% having plummeted from 82% in 2013 so you are right on the average.

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