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Quebec City to St. John's via New Brunswick, PEI, Nova Scotia

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Quebec City to St. John's via New Brunswick, PEI, Nova Scotia

I am still in the planing, considering this trip or going from Vancouver down the West Coast of the States, but the idea is to start around May 10th weather permitting cycling from Quebec City. I've heard the north shore of the St. Lawrence River is supposed to be nice. Maybe I take a ferry somewhere across the river to cycle around Gaspesie, New Brunswick, PEI, Nova Scotia and New Foundland, ending up in St' John's end of July.
I've only been in Quebec City in December, haven't seen anything else. I'm open to any suggestions for the route from Quebec City to New Foundland about places to stay, camping, camping wild alone, interesting sights and of course I'ld love to know about any crazy steep hills or passes!

I have 3 month to do this trip, I tend to cycle 60-80km per day, I don't mind cycling less or more, but at over 100km it gets painful :-) Depending on the tires I use I go maybe 15 to 18 km/h, I haven't checked my average speed in many years. And I like to have days off for hiking, sight seeing, socializing, reading a book... I will do occasionally some Tai Chi, where ever there is a Taoist Tai Chi location.
Usually I love to ride by myself, but I would enjoy some company this time. If anyone is interested in joining me for this trip or part of it, please email me:
[email protected]


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quebec to st johns

if you read french, i did that treap, and i propose on my site a sort of guide book.

have a good treap Pierre

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PQ to NL

Hi Stephanie - we have cycled that journey twice. From east to west and West to East. Both times we took the south shore, but be sure to include cycling out of Quebec City via the Pont du Quebec! For our first trip we cycled out of St John's on 5 May. See scroll to bottom of page and read up, then click forward to June 2005. You can follow our route and read some of the travel notes. We used campsites and camped free, but if the weather was continuously wet we bailed to B&B's and motels!

The hills begin at Riviere de Loup with a steep ride out of the city, then continuous up and down all the way to Moncton! Head to wards Confederation Bridge, and get the free shuttle across from the Tourist Info Centre just before the Bridge (no cyclists allowed on Bridge). PEI is not flat, but no big hills. In NS, from Pictou to North Sydney the route seems to cross ridge lines, and is one hill after another! NL likewise - you will be very after you have cycled from Port Aux Basques to St John's! We thoroughly recommend the 998 kms ride across Newfoundland. Great people all the way! Also, it did not seem to matter whether we were cycling east or west - we got a head wind all the way!!

Have a great ride,

Dave and Maxine

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