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Biking from the Netherlands to Stockholm!

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Biking from the Netherlands to Stockholm!

Hi everyone,

Has anyone biked from Amsterdam, through Hamburg, Copenhagen, and then to Stockholm? Does anyone have route suggestions? I have done a bike tour before, but I've never been to this region - I'm excited to see it by bike!

I'll be riding in late May and June.

Many thanks for any and all suggestions!

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Hi Christina,

Hi Christina,

I went from Amsterdam to Copenhagen last summer with my boyfriend. You can have a look at our road on this page:

I would advise you to go through Lübeck and the island of Mon in Denmark. The north of Amsterdam (Edam, Marken...) is also very nice.
I think you should also spent a day and night in Hamburg: we didn't because we were not very found of big cities, but I kind of regret it now!


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This is really helpful -

This is really helpful - thank you, Juliette!

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Absolutely perfect

Hi julliiet, thank you for the suggestion, the route is our dream as we are about to start the trip in may but from vienna and expend few months.
My friend alejandra and me were wondering if you have any more information to share with us as we will be also camping and stopping as much as possible. We will be happy to buy any old maps or details from you.
Thanks in advance for any help.
Andres sanchez

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Hi Andres,

Hi Andres,
I hadn't seen your message. I still have to sort the papers and maps from our trip: what kind of informations are you looking for?
If you go through the Netherlands there are some very good cycling maps: I will try to send you the reference.
We also used the app "Archie's camping" to find camping-sites in Germany and the Netherland: from our point of view those countries are not very easy for camping in the wild.

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We went (almost) the other

We went (almost) the other way round in 2012 - Stockholm to London (via Calais-Dover). We avoided Hamburg because we find navigating cities really hard work while touring - instead we crossed the Elbe on the Wischhafen-Gluckstädt ferry. Rodby/Puttgarden ferry and through the Danish islands. Helsingor/Helsingborg ferry - followed the R1 (Riksettan - from Varnamo to Helsingborg then straight line on small(ish) roads through Eksjo/Kisa/Atavdiberg/Soderkoping/Nykoping.

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If you're camping, there's a

If you're camping, there's a brilliant Danish book of camping places and sites which are only for cyclists/walkers/horse-riders/canoeists. It's only in Danish They also have a website with the sites on - we stayed at this one which was amazing.
For Germany we used ADFC maps (german cycle-touring organisation).
I'm really quite jealous - photos of our trip here

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Thanks, Nick! I'm really

Thanks, Nick! I'm really excited - this is all super helpful info to have!

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In Denmark, you can also

In Denmark, you can also access free or very cheap (<3€) "shelters" through this app :

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Same route very close dates

Hi Christine, my friend alejandra and me are planning to start on the 1st may in Germany and we hope to reach Amsterdam at the end of may and follow exactly the route max and julliiet follow so hope to join you and share some time on the road, we are planning to cycle for couple of months., also camping and warm showers where possible.
We can keep in touch as soon the trip starts.
We are happy to share any good tips etc
Hope to hear from you.
Best regards
Andres sanchez

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Swedish 2+1 roads

In Sweden, there are roads with a wire barrier in the middle, so called 2+1 roads (some are 1+1). Those are unsafe for cycling, the single file is too narrow for cars, trucks, busses to pass you with a safe distance. Problem is that it is not easy to avoid them, unless you have local knowledge.

There are some signed cycling routes (Sverigeleden, Cykelspåret) on opencyclemap.

Also in Sweden there are shelters, but there is no good register online as far as I know. In Växjö, you are welcome at my place.

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