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train de Budapest à Passau

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train de Budapest à Passau

Bonjour à tous

Si vous avez déjà eu l'occasion de retourner vers l'Allemagne (Passau) en train depuis Budapest, avec votre vélo,
votre témoignage m'intéresse...Il semble que ce soit assez compliqué ?
Merci de me rassurer (lignes, fréquences, tarifs, transport des vélos, changements, astuces...)
Hi friends
If you already returned to Germany ( Passau) from Budapest by train since Budapest, with your bike, your testimony interests me...
It seems that 's a little bit complicated ?
Thank you for informing me (lines, frequencies, rates), transport of bikes, changes ...etc
All advices welcome
Christian .

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Train Budapest - Passau

during the day every two hours there is a rapid train (Railjet) from Budpest to Linz. There you change train (REX) to Passau.
If it doesn't work try Scotty:

In Railjet you need extra reservation for bike. Not necessary in REX.


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