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LONDON-- we need a few things from you!

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LONDON-- we need a few things from you!

Hey London cycling friends!

My husband and I are about to embark on a cycling journey-- join us if you have time! We will start in London and go to France, Spain, Morocco, Italy, POSSIBLY the Balkans, Greece, Turkey and Mongolia! I am all set up, but my hubby still needs a few things before we can start touring.
I am hoping to find a few used things instead of purchasing everything brand new and expensive. We have been traveling for several years and like to stick to a budget. I am hoping to find some things for quite cheap, or free, if you feel like helping out a couple of travelers! I'm happy with alternative forms of "payment" too! If you are open to it, we would be happy to have you over and make dinner for you, in exchange for some cycling gear! Or you could put us to work for a few hours ( cleaning, gardening etc), or good ole cash is fine. Whatever works best for you :)

Here are some things we are looking for:

2 Ortlieb rear panniers
1 Kryptonite lock
1 or 2 cable locks
1 or 2 cycling helmets
1 set of front and rear lights
2 medium or large bungee cords
Also, if anyone has an old iphone they are selling-- mine just died forever today :(

We are staying in Brixton for a bit to prepare for our trip a bit more, then leaving the UK either in late April or early May, so we are hoping to have all this stuff by then!

Thank you so much for reading, and I hope to meet you in London or somewhere on the road!!

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S Spain

Hi Brittany - can't help with any equipment (though I have some odds & ends in the garage) but if you're passing through Cadiz (Andalucia) en route to Morocco get in touch as we have plenty of space for camping. What route are you taking and / or do you have a blog or journal? Happy travels Richard

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