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Best route through France from South to North

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Best route through France from South to North


My husband and I are from Canada and we are planning a trip to Europe this summer. We think we will be in France by late July and have about 20 days in total to ride. We will be buying bicycles from wherever we start, and bringing them with us through to Scotland, where I have a route already planned.

Before we get to France, we will be hiking some of the Mont. Blanc Circuit, so we will be taking a train to anywhere in France and then heading by bike towards Scotland.

I was hoping someone would be able to recommend a particular tried and true route that would appease our tastes for a cultural experience, where we can take in the beautiful landscape, and taste the amazing french cuisines.

We hope also that our route will maybe have the possibility of stopping in Paris, as we have never been and would like to spend a day or two there taking in some of the sights.

We like to adventure, and often camp and hike here in Canada year round. We are in our early twenties and enjoy spending time outdoors.

Looking forward to hearing any and all recommendations :o)

Jenna & Thomas

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This is a dutch website with good info and routes , many in France.
The best route will be different for anyone I think. (link is external) (link is external) (link is external)

have a nice trip


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France en velo


We cycled from north to south last summer and followed this route
couldn't recommend it highly enough! So well planned and beautiful. You can download all the maps to your garmin - simple!


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