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Email Replies to Messages

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Email Replies to Messages

Good morning,

In the past I was able to reply to messages originally posted on the warmshowers site via my email account.

It's not working anymore so maybe my email is being marked as SPAM. I have to reply via the warmshowers site.

Just a FYI, thanks.


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I wonder, do you mean " messages....posted to my WS account.." ?

If so, that's how it's set up, and how the Admin thinks is best - among other things, it helps the Admin resolve any future issues if both Request and Response are on your WS account. ( Of course, the WS communication system is quite clunky , and I can understand why you prefer your own email service...)

As well, if you do NOT " reply" via the website, your "Responsivness rate" will fall ....

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Email Replies

I agree that it is important for the "responsiveness rating" but I think maybe my point was not interpreted properly. Below is a "copy/paste" of a portion of an email that I received related to a message sent to me via the Warmshowers website. This is a direct quote (see below). In the past when I replied to this type of message/email via my regular email it would automatically post my reply on the website.

That no longer works for me. Hopefully that clarifies it. For now I will just login to the website and post replies. If it does not work for me other people may have the same issue. Thanks

"You can reply to this email or respond on the site. Please do not add attachments - you can do that on the site if you like."

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I cannot help you with a

I cannot help you with a solution, however, I can still reply directly through my mail client. These replies also get added to the conversation when later viewed on the WS website.

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Any news on this?

Since this year, I can't reply via e-mail anymore, which I find very annoying... Is this feature being abolished on purpose? Is anyone still able to reply? 

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Still Functioning


This is one of the most valuable functions on the website (and did stop working for a while prior to the new website).  You should be able to respond directly from your email notice.  This might be a question for the Help Desk.  (Contact Us link below)


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HTML email

This is for sure a very useful feature, especially practical while on the road when you need to take care of all communication via a smartphone.

One problem that I notice is that HTML email is not correctly being displayed. All the HTML tags show up as regular text which makes reading the message a bit harder. I'm guessing this a technical problem related to a wrong Content-Type header (plain text instead of HTML text).

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I agree, this makes WS superior to other hospex sites when used on the road...

But this sounds rather intentional:

You can not use “reply” for Host Request emails.  Please follow the directions in the email. The request will be under “my guests” tab on your profile page.