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bike'shope in tallin (ethonie)

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bike'shope in tallin (ethonie)

Hello, I'am looking for a information about where I can find a biker'shope in tallin who sell Surly (LHT) bike.
Thank you for you answer.
Karl from Lyon France

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Surly is a North American

Surly is a North American brand, it is not commonly sold in Europe. I would be extremely surprised if any bike shop in Tallinn had Surly products.

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thank you

thank you Christophe for your answer, i'd hope to find LHT ...

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From Tallin there is not too

From Tallin there is not too long way to Helsinki, where you could maybe find LHT... just a gues. I am not from Helsinki, so cannot tell the shop names.

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oh oui merci beaucoup ça me serait utile !
thank very well for these renseignements witch a can use ...

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Check out the shop called Vabajooks

The shop called Vabajooks represents Surly in Estonia.

Send them an e-mail to [email protected] and see if they have what you need. They are located in Tartu but there is a good network of automated postal parcel pickup points in Estonia if there are some small parts you need, for instance.

And their Facebook page is at

Hope they can help you.

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thank so much for all these answers. I go to contact them to see what they can do. But i don't know the price beetwin Estonia and France. It 'll be a surprise !
May be see you if i 'll come in your beautiful contry. I'll try to joint you to have more informations .
Nice day.

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