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Trans US trip...southerly route

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Trans US trip...southerly route

Hey everyone! I am in the infancy stages of planning a trans-US cycle trip beginning the end of April 2011. I am finishing up a 10-month long cycle tour of New Zealand, and will land in Los Angeles with my bicycle, gear, in great shape, and no ticket home to North not bike there?

Has anyone done a similar tour and have suggestions for a particular route (along a southerly course), useful cycling guides to pick up, or interest in joining for a leg of the trip?


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Adventure Cycling Association Southern Tier route

Hey Annemarie,

I'd definitely recommend the Adventure Cycling Association's Southern Tier route. It's well traveled, well known, and has many Warm Showers hosts along the way.

I'm one of those Warm Showers hosts but I'm a little (35 miles one way from St Francisville, LA.) off the route in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Of course, you can always continue to New Orleans if you have the time and inclination!

Mark E. Martin

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usa trip

well all it depends basically your lifestyle in a you can choose your route...small cities,big cities,mountains,flats.,campings if you have some ideas maybe we can give you some alternativs routes.
If you don't mind the dogs ans cats around you,we are in the Rivesrside CA area,between the 91,60 and 10 freeways, in case you need some hosting.
good trip
Gerardo Y Liza

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Southern route/USA trip

Lots of warmshowers folks come thru here in north west florida on hwy 90 , thru pensacola and then Milton, florida. IF you hit a cold patch of weather, milton has two cold weather shelters at local churches, you can ask at the libraries or chamber of commerce. I would try to go south from milton on hwy 87 and take the seaside route and see SEASIDE about 30 minutes west of panama city tho. I think it is well worth the trip. From there you can ride back up to hwy 90 which goes straight thru to jacksonville on the east coast. Milton has a bike shop also called Truly Spokin. I truly hope you find a few like minded folks, I have my doubts about the safety factor thru Louisiana but most of the folks i had the pleasure to host reported no specific problems or incidents just a tad uneasy feeling at times. I tell everyone about warmshowers because i think it is great and some folks have told me they became hosts. I only have the most basic accomodations but am glad to be able to share. I hope you have a great trip.

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Will wave as I pass you.

I'm headed East to West and allowing a leisurely 3 months to do it -- April/May/June (ish) from Jacksonville, FL to Santa Barbara, CA. I will wave as I pass you and would be happy to help in any way I can re: areas I have passed thru and that you are headed toward. Good luck and safe riding!

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Southern route, milton, florida

Our local bike shop is Truly Spokin on stewart street. Somewhere in the early spring , there is a bike festival also in front of our library which is near there also with unusual bikes, door prizes etc. Not sure the exact date tho. I bet the bike shop knows or the chamber of commerce tho. So, if you go past and need/want to stay, just e or call me if i can be of service. Its a small town but they have a few odds and ends which can be a lot of fun, like the lumberjack festival at the local pensacola state college and an old timey days festival run by the state wildlife conservation folks which is a big deal, and a garden plant show/sale at the college also, some bluegrass music stuff there, and some downtown milton art and crafts and jewelry stuff. When the weather is nice, its very pleasant.

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Thanks a bunch for all the

Thanks a bunch for all the suggestions/local goings on! Haven't quite decided whether I'll be passing thru your part of FLA yet, as I may diverge from the ACA route to head north to NC. After 9 mos cycling in NZ, I have taken to sort of flying by the seat of my pants, and not planning too far in advance :) Definitely sounds like some great stuff though...especially the lumberjack and bike festivals!!

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mountain route, northern georgia, dahlonega, appalation trail

there is a hostel there at dahlonega near the trail which caters to bike folks, serious bike folks and is very nice. Hikerhostel they have a website.

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How are you doing so far???

if it doesnt kill you the first few days, i believe you will make it.

I am not sure if i will be here in milton when you come thru but the melvins live here and would help you out. If you can make it to orange beach, gulf shores alabama area and then into pensacola, they have a bus system that i think handles bikes and connects to the system in santa rosa county that i know handles bikes and can take you over 50 miles to out near me in east milton for $1.00, if you need a bit of a rest at that point, you can stay a while to catch your breath. I am rooting for you!!!!!

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its monday

850 910 2674 if you need to put up your tent in milton florida tonight or whatever, i hvent checked e mail for a while

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