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Big Sur, Highway 1 Closure

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Big Sur, Highway 1 Closure

Due to the huge landslide and downed bridge, Highway 1 along the California central coast will remain closed for a year.
Carmel Valley Road to near Arroyo Seco/Greenfield is a beautiful alternative to cycling down Highway 101. I have never ridden the road on a bicycle, but it's a stunning ride in a car and I was wondering if anyone else has taken this route.

Also, once in Greenfield there are parallel roads down the Salinas Valley. It gets hotter and hotter as one approaches Paso Robles where cyclists can turn onto Highway 46, then take the exciting Old Creek Road down to Cayucos (back on the Pacific Route).

If anyone has suggestions or experience with parts of this route, please share them.

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Carmel Valley Road

David, I have ridden that road many times. Its pretty but also very narrow and winding towards the tops. There isn't usually much traffic on it during the week but you will be sharing the road with some fast moving vehicles with limited sight-distances. It can feel a bit dangerous. And during the Summer, it can be very hot (40 C) all long the interior valley.

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