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search by the item "maximum guests"

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search by the item "maximum guests"


I'm new on this website and french (sorry if I make mistakes).

We're a 3 kids family and most of the warmshowers can receive 2 guests maximum. Yesterday, a 6 american family was looking for a warmshower in Rouen (train station) and it was difficult to find a host who accepts big families.

would it be possible to search hosts by the number of guests ?

I hope I post in the right section.

Thank you for your answer

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Hi Aurélie, this would be a

Hi Aurélie, this would be a useful feature and I believe it has been brought up several times here already. As always, the bottleneck is on the implementation side of things - so, unless you're a developer, all I can do is recommend patience.

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Maximum guest filter

Funny, we're French too, with 3 children and I just had the same thought. Wanting to do a tour de Bretagne in summer, it would be much easier for us to look for hosts if we could search by the "maximum number of guests acceptable". Unfortunately, I'm not a developer, so I just wanted to communicate that me too, I would be happy about such a search filter. Other possible criteria (but probably less important): Animals accepted, languages spoken, smoker, vegetarian etc. :-)

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Feel free to ask

That would be a useful search filter. However, don't hold back to ask. I have room to host two people comfortably but if you were to come with some kids, for example, we could make that work too if you let me know. I guess there's more people like me. Just ask.

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That's what I will do. :-)

That's what I will do. :-) But if I come to a town with, let's say, 10 warmshowerers, it would be lighter for everyone to ask only 2 instead of 10 hosts.

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I completely agree that it

I completely agree that it would be a useful filter to have. Last night, I hosted a family with three small children. It was a positive experience and I would hate to think that someone didn't ask to stay here based on the profile. I tend to consider the number of adults needing a bed. It is not too difficult to accommodate small children.

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Full support to this idea !

Hi everybody,

We are also a french family with 4 kids, and we are rather active warmshowers members, both hosting and being hosted.

When touring, it is sometimes difficult to find out which hosts accept families, especially in large cities, where there are lots of members who mostly have small flats and can only welcome 1 guest. What I mean by difficult is to have to click on every icon to find out how many guests can be welcomed, when having limited energy (argh, only 5% battery left !), internet access or time.

So I fully support Aurelie's suggestion !

And having such a feature would anyway not hold us back from asking hospitality to members displaying smaller guest numbers (we often do that), but would just help sorting.

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This has now been implemented

This has now been implemented. Click on advanced filters on the search screen, select guest numbers then click on map or list search.

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