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Narva -> Sankt Petersburg: Alternative Route

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Narva -> Sankt Petersburg: Alternative Route


we like to cycle from Tallin -> Helsinki via Sankt Petersburg in August.

I presume that A180 /E20 is crowded and full of heavy traffic .... As I´m not keen on risking my life, has anybody experiences with alternative routes from Narva to Sankt Petersburg? What about the coastal route 41K-109?

I´m looking forward to getting first hand field reports & recommandations.

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I don't know about 41K-109,

I don't know about 41K-109, but I rode 41K-008 last year which runs between the coastal road and the E20. It is OK until Gostilitsy after which it became very busy with trucks. On the approach to Peterhof I also had to brave a full cloverleaf traffic interchange. After Peterhof you join the coastal route, which by then has become a city boulevard with relatively slow traffic and wide sidewalks as an alternative.

It looks like it is probably better than the coastal route: fewer towns which should mean less traffic, you pass by the Koporye fortress if you're interested, and it even looks like the traffic interchange can be bypassed with a country road to the southeast of it.

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41K-008 in russia: paved or dirt road?

Thanks Renier!
Is the 41K-008 a paved or a dirt / graveled road?

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It is paved with asphalt, and

It is paved with asphalt, and has even received a visit from a Streetview car.

Quiet part far away from the city:,29.02718,3a,75y,324.6h,76.55t/data=!3m7!1e1!3m5!1s_pYKGkqFEms4xmhaYh1vGw!2e0!!7i13312!8i6656

And the busier part:,29.7132185,3a,60y,179.81h,78.52t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1saE7mLlEbMqG-JyppMJWOxg!2e0!7i13312!8i6656

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I confirm that 41K-008 also

I confirm that 41K-008 also known as "Гостилицкое шоссе" would be good choice. Often ride here from Peterhof to Gostilitsy here is my short vid from this road.

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Narva -St. Petersburg

Summer 2016 we cycled to St. Petersburg and used the indications of the famous R1-route from Narva to St.P.

Our experience with roads. From smooth to junk, big holes, wide tears, actually no problem....just take your time!
Between Narva and St. Petersburg is a small airfield to stay overnight. Free camping, water, friendly people and in the evening free show of sky-diving.
Toilet: hole in the ground. Enough luxury for a cyclist. (Small food shop at 3 km.)
See the very old, single prop Antonov-2, double wing, take off. It's the slowest airplane in the world that can fly backward. (No kidding. Landing speed: 40 km/h.)
You find the field between Perelesye and Zarinskoy along the 41 K-008.

Traffic close to St. P. is just like in the USA. No cycling paths, very few bikes. We had no problems at all with Russian cardrivers. If you "occupy" the right lane by standing up front at traffic lights,, riding in the middle (!!) of the lane, everyone respects your place in the traffic. As in every major city the speed is low and with a bike you can keep up with the cars. Clear, wide arm signs of our directions, especially going left, are magic tricks to stay alive and to be given right of way.



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