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cycle touring Greece in August - crazy?

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cycle touring Greece in August - crazy?

I'm planning two weeks of cycle touring in Greece in August. I know that's a shitty month but that's when I'll be in Greece anyway. I'll be grateful for any general advice on WHERE is best to cycle in August? in the north (I may be anyway starting in Thessaloniki)? in Peloponnese? or maybe just the islands?
I've cycled in Portugal (Alentejo) in August so I can deal with hot weather, but I'm no masochist. Also I heard there are strong northerly winds (meltimi) on the eastern coast of mainland Greece in August -- does that mean its better to cycle from north to south? or better on the western coast rather than on eastern? Any suggestions are welcome!
thanx, Michael
p.s. if you know another good forum to raise such questions, specifically for Greece - pls advise me. I need to decide my route soon!

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Hi Michael

Hi Michael

I'd say it is a bit crazy to cycle in August in Greece, but I did the same in July...
So, I can tell you about our cycling holidays in Greece in July last year (which is similar in temperature as August). We cycled around the Peloponnese (3 weeks), mainly along the coast and a few transects across the fingers. It was very hot and we were cycling from the first light (around 6am) in the morning until 11am and were lying at the beach afterwards, sometimes continuing in the afternoon. The few days when we were cycling longer than 11 am were quite a pain.

It was a very nice landscape and the early mornings were great as there isn't a lot traffic (but many street dogs, which chased us sometimes). I loved the Peloponnese even though it was very hot :) I don't remember any difficulties because of strong winds.

If you'd like to know more about our route, I'm happy to give more details.

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Ask more information

Could you give me more information about your route by bike in Greece?
[email protected]

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Cycling & volunteering in Greece in August

Thanks Livia for that info!
Now I'm thinking it's better to cycle on Lesbos or around Thessaloniki, hoping it's a bit cooler on the islands or northern Greece.
Now I'm trying to see about hiring touring bike in those areas...

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