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East Africa - From Nairobi southwards

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East Africa - From Nairobi southwards



I'm planning to cycle from Nairobi to Capetown. I plan to start in December in Nairobi and I see two possible routes:

- relativly direct south and close to Mount Kilimanjaro

- via Uganda und Rwanda


I heard great things about Uganda and Rwanda, but also would love to see the Kilimanjaro.


Is here anyone who has done one or even both and can give me some information?




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I've done the route west

I've done the route west through Kenya to Uganda and southwards through Rwanda and would recommend it just to experience Rwanda, it's very different. If you do go take it slow (you could be in and out in 5minutes) spend some time in Kigali and a few towns/villages - interact with the locals, they are much more reserved (but welcome to being approached) so the onus tends to fall back on you to initiate which I quite enjoyed.

It all comes down to your preferences, I find the whole safarilandia side of travel in East Africa doesn't do much for me and tend to be generally interested more in randomness and human interaction than mapping out picturesque routes, someone else might come on here and rave about Kilimanjaro, ultimately you've got to work out what it is you like about travelling and let the road take you there.

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