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USA-Mexico (san francisco-la paz-new orleans-miami) WINTER

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USA-Mexico (san francisco-la paz-new orleans-miami) WINTER


Im doing this trip from mid november to mid february(90 days) starting from west coast. Is there something that i should be prepared? Like snow and stuff.

Or is it t-shirt weathers all the way? Also is there a rerason why i should do it starting from miami?

Is wild camping a possibility?

And food. I am really waiting to get my hands on in-n-out burger, heard so much good stuff about them. Any other places that i should visit?

Is it possible to take my bike on a bus or a train if i get stuck in someplace for too long and i have to hurry?

See you there :)

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You've chosen some of the

You've chosen some of the best cities and areas in the region to ride, in my opinion.

That strikes me as a pretty huge distance to cover in so short a time.

San Francisco in winter is cold (or in summer, there's a funny line maybe by Mark Twain that "the coldest winter I ever spent was a San Francisco summer" or something like that).

If you start from Miami in November, you'd get warmth now and wind up with cold winter later. If you start in SF you'd get cool start and wind up in Miami warmth. Maybe better off the latter (starting out west), although you can do more research. I'd probably try to catch any remaining Northern California warmth ASAP before winter. The US except for Miami (and the Florida Keys) gets cold in winter, especially at night, with light snow possible. Mexico and Miami are generally warm year round.

I've ridden the places you mention... Really amazing places... Weatherwise there were times I was cold at night, although it's not like northern US/Europe. Try to meet lots of people. In California you can follow the coast most of the way, with gorgeous highway 1/101. San Francisco to San Diego is a great part where you may encounter lots of other riders. Baja California basically just has one highway going through it, prepare with lots of food and water and bike maintenance/parts before crossing the long stretch of barren desert. New Orleans has amazing music. Miami has amazing beaches.

Wild camping's generally possible, although there are some difficult places. California generally bans beach camping (except in the official campsites, and they often have hiker/biker site for like $5/night). The western US is generally much easier/more spacious than the eastern US. And Mexicans are way more tolerant than Americans, although sometimes less aware of the practice of camping.

In-n-out is tasty... there's tons of food on your route... Lots of burritos (California, Texas, northern Mexico)... Tons of tacos and other foods in Mexico, especially in the open air markets (aire libre... btw I'd recommend trying to pick up at least basic Spanish, it really enhances a visit). New Orleans and the rest of Louisiana are food places, with Cajun, Creole, and more. In Miami there's Cuban and Colombian and Russian and other food, it's a cosmopolitan city.

Some of the bus lines allow bikes, but you may have to disassemble and box it, pay extra, etc. Trains I'm not sure off-hand, you can probably search online. You can also hitchhike or rideshare in a pickup truck.

Feel free to ask me for any more tips etc. as I'm familiar with your route. Also I'm now in Miami if you want to meet up.

Tailwinds! :)



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By the way, you're also

By the way, you're also riding through barbecue country...

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