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Companion Rider for East Africa

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Companion Rider for East Africa

Hi fellow adventurers,

I have arrived in Zanzibar and want to ride to some Parks and beaches. Most likely staying in AirBnB or other small guestvhouses. In Tanzania I am  aiming to see many of thier spectacular wildlife parks. If anybody would like to join for any part of the rides I am fairly un-scheduled for the next few months. Happy trails, Jerry

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my girlfriend and me will be riding from Nairobi to Capetown starting on January 9 , if you think that we can share some parts of the route let me know where you gonna be by those days... always is nice to have some company.

take care 

good ride 



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Africa tour

Hello, I will fly from Bangkok to Zanzibar on Dec. 7.  I have a 2 week scheduled stay at a Rhino conservation camp in South Africa starting Jan 9. After that no plans yet. Let's stay in touch!

Cheers Jerry