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Access denied to a profile

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Access denied to a profile

I was looking back over some of my messages. There was a guy usig the site as Couchsurfing, no bicycle, no likelyhood he's ever going to host, when he contacted some three years ago (Seyed Kaveh Ghaderi). I guess he still has a profile as the user name "joonbusa" comes up when I click the link. 

I got an "access denied" when I went to see his profile.

I tried linking through the message he sent me, apparently he has "disabled" his account.

I guess this means he still has an account.

What gives?

Happy New Year,






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That's standard behaviour

That's standard behaviour when a profile is removed - could you be more clear what is leading you to conclude that he still has an account?

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still lists profile address

Well, I have a friend for whom I left a comment for a few years back. He cancelled his account as he's started a young family and had too many time constraints. The comment is still there, but the link to the profile is gone. This other guy (profile removed I guess) has the link still there and when you place the cursor on it it shows his profile adress, when you click it it gives "access denied". I'm rather literal in my understanding of the English language. To me "access denied" when you follow a link to what appears to be a valid address implies that address exists and you are denied access. Especially when you have a comment for a profile that you know no longer exists and has no link. Maybe the "access denied" should be replaced with "profile removed", it would be less ambiguous.