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cycle tour from St Petersburg

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cycle tour from St Petersburg

Hi. I want to make a solo tour from St Petersburg from the 12th June to 29the June 2018. Does anyone have any suggestions of routes? Also is it easy to hire bikes or would it best to fly my own bike over?

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World Cup in St. Petersbury

Hi Karen,

Sounds like a nice trip.  St. Petersburg hosts Football World Cup matches on June 15th, 19th 22 and 26. You may wish to make some reservations for accommodations for the 15th now as the city will be packed.

all the best


Jary Poland via Spokane USA

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information route St. P.

If you open our message in your profile, you may read the notes about the route Narva - St. Petersburg.

However,.. since 2017-07-21 you never reacted on any message in your profile.

Your responsiveness is 0 % !

Do you expect substantial help from cyclists if you never react on other members??

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