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Cycling Armenia

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Cycling Armenia

I have the idea to make a ride to Georgia and Armenia this summer.

I know Armenia is very hilly and things, like there are few stores to repair the bicycle. 

I have some questions in case someone can answer

Is it possible to take the bicycle by train?

What about safety? It's some serious conflict at this moment?

It's possible to plant a tent being discreet and, of course, respectful of the environment? 

The last. If I do not want to take my bicycle (for the prices) there are places to rent in Georgia and Armenia? And second-hand sale?


Thanks a lot


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You can take a train with bicycle. I took a train from Armenia(Yerevan) to Georgia(Tbilisi) in 2016. 


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probably it's possible to take the Bike in the train. But it's easier and cheaper to take it into a minibus.

Safety isn't a reasonable not to visit both countries. Really safe.

Take care in Armenia cause overcharging. Especially Jerewan ist wellknown. 

Recommend the Sewan Lake. Absolute stunning region. If you want to go there your bike should have a good light. Some dark tunnels you might find on the road