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Camping along Polands Green Velo route

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Camping along Polands Green Velo route


We are planning to ride Polands Green Velo route, south to north, in July this year. Could anyone advise of the availability of camping sites along the route.   We would prefer to camp every night if possible. Agritourismo would be our 2nd preference, then hostels etc.




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Camping in Poland

Hello Marilyn and Ron,

There are dozens of resources for camping in Poland, for example

As for wild camping, you have to be careful as it is generally not legal in Poland to camp in state forests. If you do try in more remote regions, do not make a fire at all as this can result in heavy fines. I'd even forgo a portable stove. Check out the comments in I host cyclists in Poland, many have camped "illegally" without any problems.

This said, there are limited places in state forests that allow camping. While the site is only in Polish and tough to navigate, there is good info here.

You have to enter the area you are interested in in the "Podaj nazwę szukanej miejscowości:"field. There is a filter on the right, select Miejsce biwakowania for camping, Pokój gościnny for rooms.

Eastern Poland is really nice.


Jary Poland via Spokane USA

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f you have any more questions about Poland, I will try to help. I'm from the States, living here since '91. I'm on the western side of the country, a ways from the Green Velo path, but you are welcomed to swing by. This is also a good site, highly recommend agrotourism in Poland. 80% of the time is great, 10% is ok, with the remaining 10% is "night is only 10 hours, I can survive this I think" is external)


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