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Visiting Turkmenistan

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Visiting Turkmenistan

Hi All!

Was hoping to visit Turkmenistan, entering through the Iranian border, later this year, and I know it's possible to get a transit visa but I was hoping to spend more time than that particular visa allows. I know to spend longer in the country you need to go through a tour company, and this being the case I was wondering if anyone who has done something before has any recommendations or advice for me?

Thanks in advance!


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Tourist visa

A Tourist visa for Turkmenistan seems extremely expensive. So most cyclists crossing the country using a Transit visa. Even this can be cancelled. Last year it was pretty common.

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Hey Guys ,

Hey Guys ,

Is there an any body recently obtained transit visa ,as its seem transit visa not granted any more or bloggers on silk road have some misunderstanding .Recently I have been in Turkmenistan Embassy in Turkey ,as per their explanation there is no point to obtain it in in Turkey .Any other attempts ?

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try it in Teheran. Of course you`ve no guarantee. First you should get the Uzbekistan visa.

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Does anyone know wether one can get the transit visa directly at the border with Usbekistan?

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Hi Bruno,

no chance. In this case you need first a visa for Iran. Then you can apply the visa for Turkmenistan. Hope you can get it. Chances were last year by 50/50.

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Hi Nick,

Hi Bruno,
I don't think you can get a visa at the border, this sounds too easy!
Maybe ask over here:

@Nick, I can't tell you about tourist visa or longer transit visa. I only managed to get a 5 days transit visa in late October 2015 which isn't the best time to apply because of their national holiday (administration blackout of 10 days!!).
Good luck


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Transit visa - Ashgabat to Turkmenabat - cycling 620km

Hi folks,

Has anyone had a recent experience of applying for a transit visa for Turkmenistan?

Is it easier to apply for a transit visa from your home country (e.g. the UK or Australia) or from a neighbouring country to Turkmenistan (e.g. Iran or Uzbekistan)? (Presumably - because of the fixed entry and exit dates - it makes most sense to apply from a neighbouring country, was this your experience?)

Ideally, I'd like to cycle through Turkmenistan from the Iranian border close to Ashgabat to the Uzbekistan border close to Turkmenabat via Merv, which looks to be c.620km. Is this realistic? Normally, 620km in 5 days shouldn't be much of a problem, accidents aside. But, does "normally" apply to Turkmenistan?


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Information on visas for Silk Road countries

I found this TDA Global Cycling article a helpful source of information on visas for Silk Road countries, including Turkmenistan.

Also worth checking out the sources linked to at the bottom of the article.